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21 Year Old Disabled Woman Seeks Funding for Seizure Alert Dog

by Ruby
(Chester, NY, USA)



Ruby Sugar

I am 21-year-old woman living in Chester, New York with my parents. I plan to marry and adopt children.

I do not have any children yet. I am not sure how many children I want but after growing up in a large family, I think I may want a small family myself.

I have one brother and no sisters, but we have a very large extended family. So, it feels like I grew up with a large family.

My parents are still together. My mother is one of fourteen children and my father is one of three. I have about thirty-five cousins in all. Both of my grandmothers are still alive. My grandfathers have passed away.

My father was in the Naval Reserves as a Petty Officer. I myself have not been in the military, neither has my brother or mother.

I graduated high school on June 24, 2011. I am planning to attend Orange County Community College starting in January 2012. I am planning on studying accounting.

After community college, I would like to attend another State University of New York to complete the last two years of college and come out with a Bachelor's degree.

I was born with Congenital Hyperinsulinism. This disorder causes the pancreas to over produce insulin. As a result my blood sugar dropped dangerously low numerous times as an infant.

I had two pancreatectomies. I was left with three percent of my pancreas. That three percent lasted until I was fourteen years old and was put on insulin and was being treated as a Type I Diabetic.

I gained about forty pounds in a matter of weeks and I am still working to lose it. I am still taking insulin and continue to be considered a Type I Diabetic.

The numerous low blood sugars caused a brain injury. At ten or eleven years old, I had my first grand mal seizure.

My mother believes that I had seizures as an infant as a result of the numerous low blood sugars, but she had not seen any since infancy.

I am now considered to have Treatment Resistant Partial Complex Epilepsy. I have about ten seizures a month.

These two disorders together create a dangerous situation. I cannot take my insulin alone in case I have a seizure. I cannot cook alone to prevent me from burning myself.

I cannot drive. I depend on my parents to transport me, which they cannot do during the day because they both work.

I live in a rural community where public transportation is not readily available to get me everywhere I would like to go.

I have been matched with a seizure alert dog from Canine Partners for Life in Cochranville, Pennsylvania. Her name is Sugar.

This seizure alert dog will help me gain independence from my parents and put me on the road to more freedom.

I have to attend a twenty-three day training period with Sugar in order to take her home. The training begins on October 15, 2011.

My parents cannot come with me since they work. I need a companion to be with me during the twenty-three days and cannot afford to pay for one.

I also cannot pay for the hotel cost for twenty-three days.

The reason I need a companion for the twenty-three days is because the dog cannot take the insulin out of my hands if I needed them to. I also need the companion for transportation.

I am currently receiving SSI. I am at the beginning of the process of fundraising money for myself to help me get Sugar.

I believed the money I needed to get her would be coming from a different source and was therefore not raising any money before now.

I have gotten the donation cost of Sugar to Canine Partners for Life covered by a New York State agency. That cost was one thousand dollars.

In addition to that, I have so far raised two hundred dollars in my fundraiser on Fundraise.com entitled "Adding Safety to Seizures."

My total cost for this trip is about ten thousand dollars including the hotel, the companion, and other expenses that Canine Partners for Life lists.

However, that does not include the mileage cost for the use of the companion's vehicle or the cost of food for both myself and the companion. I have to buy all the companion's food while they are working with me.

I am looking for grants to help me get Sugar. Without them, I do not know what will happen. I need them to cover the companion's costs including food and mileage. I also need them to cover the cost of the hotel.

I have booked two different hotels for twenty-three days. There is about a two hundred dollar difference between them, including taxes.

I plan on canceling one once I determine which one I'll be staying at. The more expensive hotel is closer to Canine Partners for Life.

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Sep 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am disabled from having Diabetes for 37 years and I owe my life to a Beagle I own who will alert my wife. She will lick on my face and alert my wife again until I am attended to. My Beagle is 10 and we bought another one and she is learning from the oldest Beagle. These dogs were never trained they simply can tell something is not right. I hope things work out for you and God be with you.

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