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22 Year Old Bipolar Disabled Sarah Seeks Transportation Grant Money

by Sarah R. Ickes
(Saltsburg, PA, USA)

Hello. My name is Sarah Ickes, and I am 22 years old. I am married to an amazing man, Matt, and have 2 beautiful children.

Christopher is 7 and Mariah is 4 months old. They are my world. I try to do my best every day for them.

I sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury in 2008 due to a car accident that has left me unable to work.

Symptoms of this include severe migraines, severe mood swings, confusion, loss of words, and delays in understanding. There also has been memory loss.

I cannot work, therefore I cannot help pay for things in the house. The most important thing that I was paying for is my Cavalier.

It is used to get me to appointments and to get the things that I need to take care of my family. Unfortunately, I am finding it hard to make the payment.

I also have no health insurance, so it is very hard to pay for the doctor's appointment and medications that I need.

After the accident in 2008, I did try to return to work, and attempted to go back to school. Sadly, I found it to difficult to handle all of these things on top of my life at home.

The mood swings were to bad for me to be around people. I would get confused about the slightest task, making it hard to follow orders at work.

I am looking for some grant money to help pay my car off, and hopefully some extra money to pay my portion of the bills at home.

I am hoping to receive between $7,000 and $8,000. I am really hoping to find enough money to pay my car off so that I do not have to go through repossession.

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