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23 Year Old Dyslexic Single Mom Of Two Seeks Education Grant For Better Life

by Noel
(Luxemburg, Wisconsin, USA)

I am a 23-year-old mother who has two young girls ages 5 and 1-1/2.

I am finally getting my life figured out with the help of my daughters and my boyfriend.

For years with my first daughter I suffered through a very abusive relationship and finally got out.

I've been starting over and now it's harder than I thought.

The home I moved into needs a lot of work. Nothing in it is up to date. I believe there is mold in my walls and some of the floors.

I cannot afford to move or get any of it fixed. It's always been my dream to live in a house so to me I feel like I have to stick it out and just try everything I can.

My boyfriend only gets side jobs every now and then for construction work. I receive SSI benefits which isn't enough to pay my whole rent.

I'm trying the best I can with my girls and money. I could really use the help to pay off bills, home repairs, childcare.

My disability is that I am dyslexic. So I apologize for any misspelled words. I'm trying to use Google and family to help with my spelling.

I've had my disability for as long as I can remember. I was always held back after class and then later on in school was in L.D classes.

I only finished up to 8th grade and if I had the money, the right people to help me I would go back to get my GED in a heartbeat.

I'm embarrassed that my daughter when she's in 5th grade will know more than I do, but very proud she won't have to go through all the stuff I went through in school.

All the testing I have done in grade level is at 4th grade. If I'm going anywhere to fill out paperwork I need to have someone come with me to explain what is in front of me.

My income isn't enough for even just my rent let alone all the other bills and everything that needs to be fixed on the house.

I am currently taking ADD medication that seems to help so I don't feel as much overwhelmed.

I've only had a few jobs and all not for that long of a period. I could never finish some of the little jobs I was told to do.

I often showed up late or even just didn't understand what I was supposed to being doing at all so most of the time I quit or got fired.

So I applied for SSI and am now getting that but the amount I get isn't enough for my rent let alone my other bills.

I would like to get more income if possible, for my SSI benefits. If I'm unable to get that then I would like to get a grant.

If I am ever able to get enough money I would like to open up a tattoo and clothing store. My boyfriend is an amazing artist and has been doing tattooing, drawings and paintings for over 15 years.

I would like to work in retail. I always played office when I was little and loved to fill out paperwork.

I need to go back to school to learn more so I am able to know how to do all of that. It's something I would like to do.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read my story.

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