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23 Year Old Man TBI Disabled By Accidental Gunshot Needs Rehab Grant Help

by Brent Buchanan
(Huntsville, AL, USA)

I'm writing this on behalf of my son Brent, a single 23 year old, disabled for two years due to an accidental gunshot wound to his head. He lives at home with his father and me.

On June 18, 2009, my son was talking to me as he was putting the clip back in his gun. His finger accidentally hit the trigger, and the gun went off.

The bullet entered on the right side and lodged in the bone on the left side of his head. It went through the motor skills section of his brain. His doctor told us that he would need a lot of rehabilitation.

At the time of his accident, he did not have any insurance. He was put on Medicaid, but they only pay for 14 days of inpatient services a year. This is not enough for him.

It is two years later and he has minimal use of his right hand. He can pull his left hand up on demand, but not put it back down. He cannot sit up on his own, or use his legs at all. He is considered a quadriplegic.

Brent is only receiving about $700 SSI and disability. This does not cover all of his needs. Rehabilitation cost about $1200 a day.

I no longer work so that I can stay at home and take care of him. He now has Medicare, but it will not cover all of the therapy that he needs.

Neither Medicaid nor Medicare will pay for the equipment that he needs at home for daily workouts. He is in need of a standing frame, and a quadriciser.

Brent has no way of earning a living at this point in his life. He depends solely on his SSI, Disability and the little that I can do for him.

We have sent e-mails out to numerous foundations and organizations, but have received no help. Brent seems to fall in a category of being too old, not old enough or not a veteran. Alabama has a head injury foundation, but they can only give respite care.

I would like to see Brent get a grant to help him get the equipment, home modifications and the rehabilitation that he needs.

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May 13, 2015
Rehab Help
by: SheilaKay Paris

Hi to Brent and his family,

It's probably been at least 2 years since anything has been posted here about Brent and his situation. I wanted to touch bases and see how things were going and if Brent was able to get any equipment or services he needed.

Were you able to get into Don's Workbook to get help that way? An addendum to that would be his associate's website, Disability Digest, where there is an abundance of resources, also free like here on Don's site.

The link is

Disability Digest

Sign up at the bottom of the page and that way you will have access to many ways to help Brent.

If you have any problems or just need to vent, write to me here; it will alert me in my inbox and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Many blessings,


Apr 09, 2012
Brent deserves the best!
by: Anonymous

Brent deserves all of this more! He is a great friend and a wonderful person. The people who love and care about him would like to see him obtain the equipment necessary for him to make progress!

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