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24 Year Old Mother With Learning Disability Seeks Grant Money For Schooling

by Tatum
(Addison, Texas, USA)

I am 24 years old. I've been having learning disabilities since I was in early grade school. I always asked myself, why me! Even at six years of age, I knew there was something missing.

When it came to reading, I remember being asked by my teacher to read something out loud to the class and I told her I couldn't see the board from where I was sitting.

She then told me to come to the board so that I could see better. I got up from my seat as slow as I could thinking that she would ask someone else to read.

I began to read, with a low voice knowing that I didn't know the words. She then told me to speak up so that the class could hear me.

When I began to speak up, everybody knew that I couldn't read, because my teacher had to help me with most of the words that she told me to read to the class.

All through school it has been hard. I would love to do something better in life, and stop having the 2nd grade all over again.

Now I have a seven-year-old son, eight-year-old brother, and a husband that loves me to death.

They're the best family ever. I've always wanted a family, since my family was in and out of my life.

I believe if I had some help with my disabilities I would be able to make a difference not only in my life but also in the lives of other.

For the longest time I believed that I was the only one that couldn't read, but as a I got older I started to see that it was not true.

I want to do so many things in life, but without the basics of reading, it lowers my chances of making something of myself.

My husband and I have been at Walmart a little over five years and we don't seem to be making the money we need to make the next step.

At a local college, I'm taking development classes that we don't even have the money for. It seems to be getting harder and harder to the point where it's the bills or school.

I just don't want to let anything go when I need school. Even doing school is hard, but just taking classes gives me hope that I can make it.

Thanks for all that you do and all that you're going to do. I hope you as a person get everything you want in life.

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May 04, 2011
My daughter has a learning disability, too!
by: Lori

I loved your story!!! I have a daughter that is 20 years old and has had a reading disability since the 2nd grade. She was in the ESE department all the way up to 12th grade got herself out to graduate with a high school diploma. She went to college on a softball scholarship and now is a sophmore. She has many difficulties now and is struggling with her classes. They want her retested to see what can done. Did you get help with your classes? And did you get any financial help? I would love to her back from you. And I wish you all the LUCK in the world!

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