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24 Year Old Survivor Of Broken Home And Kids Prison Seeks Grant Money

by Jacob Michael Parmely
(Pahoa, Hawaii, USA)

My name is Jacob Parmely. I was born in Ukiah California on August 12th 1985.

My mother and her pedo friends molested me since I was younger than five up till around age 10 when she lost interest in me, thank God!

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I was really damaged by this and have been mentally disabled in many ways such as emotional distress and lack of self confidence, self esteem,.

As a result I have a lot of physically painful stress related illness in my neck and I get super bad random headaches.

It was in Laytonville, California that things got screwed up fast, when I was 8 years old I was taken to a doctor for a irritated anus when sperm was discovered in my excrement.

I was assigned a child protective worker and told them what was going on but I was never removed by them from my abusive home!

When I was 12 I called the crisis line, which was supposed to be confidential. I called for psychological help and was tricked by the operator who called probation not telling me what that meant for me or that it was going to adversely affect me!

I was shocked when instead of trying to hear or believe my story they spoke with my parents who both made me out as a perpetrator on my siblings.

I was forced by my mom to engage in these acts and then blamed by her. I ended up spending four years in group homes and six years in California Youth Authority for this.

In there I was subject to violence, being pepper-sprayed for being attacked. For being in the same room as a riot I was tear gassed and cuffed till I coughed blood and many colored fluids not from my belly. I was raped, and then put on psychiatric medications that made me feel suicidal.

Now I've been out since April 9th 2006, and I'm very mentally and physically handicapped. I cannot hold any jobs and currently barely survive on social security disability with $670 a month in Hawaii as a disabled homeless man.

I will never be able to save up enough money to buy a home and I have no credit with anyone because of my lack of responsible need for it.

My dream is to have just that. I really want to live a normal life and get over my past which is hard when it's tugging on your future and the ability to create a happy living environment where I'm safe from the outsider unhealthy lifestyle!

I'm 24 years old I cannot keep living like this and be okay. Please help me buy me a house here in Hawaii on the big island.

I am desperate and this is the only way I can ever get a home of my own. I have too many problems to be able to continue life on the streets where I can't sleep, eat right, use a toilet or shower, or be dry when it's wet.

The whole time my back pain, neck pain and headaches are always making me whimper and stress me out even further, which is just one of several reasons my body hurts.

I really hope you are kind enough to help me out. It would change my life and boost my self-esteem as well as make life easier.

I have such a hard time taking care of myself that I'm usually repulsive to others. I just want to live normally and be able to function in society.

I want friends who are not disabling me further by their own problems and issues or trying to sap me for what little I have. I feel so dependent on others that it's disturbing me, and this has got to end.

The messed up part is that these are only about 10% of my problems. So if you have read this far I know you must care, and from my heart to yours Please help me out!

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