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24 Year Old Woman With Glaucoma Seeking Government Disability Grant

by Lakeisha Hunter
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)

I am a 24-year-old young woman with advanced glaucoma in both eyes. I have been living with this disability for the past six years.

Fearing that I can no longer afford the medical attention I desperately need, I'm writing now for help to get a government disability grant.

I was only 18 when I first found out I had glaucoma. I've tried so hard to get medical assistance for my condition, and time and time again I've been let down.

I currently have no medical insurance and I can't afford the medication or hospital visit I need in order to keep fighting this eye disease.

Many, many nights I go to bed with my eyes in pain. Sometimes it's so bad I cry myself to sleep. My biggest fear is one day I'll wake up in the morning and I won't be able to see anything.

I'll rub and rub my eyes to make sure their open but all I'll see is darkness and nothing more.

I've had five surgeries on my right eye alone, and now my left eye is acting up. My whole adult life has been spent with surgery after surgery.

My condition has stopped me from doing many things, one being going to school.

I've been so scared that I would start school and not be able to finish because of my condition. I've tried so hard not to consider myself as disabled and needing outside help as bad as I do now.

I like to think of myself as strong and independent, but as I get older my condition gets worse and my confidence depletes.

My family tries so hard to make sure I get the medications I need but they can only do so much. There are many disabled people out there that need help, so I know I'm one of many, but I pray that out of all the no answers someone out there will say yes.

I'm so young to be going through this. My condition eventually will take my sight and make me blind. I just feel like there's so much I want to do but little time to do it.

With some government grant money I'd have a better chance to see a specialist about my condition to see how bad it's gotten.

This money would also help me to invest in myself, and to finally stop running from the "what ifs" and to go to school, knowing that this grant will help me make sure that I know where I stand with my life. Not knowing what's going on is making me scared to try anything.

I would be absolutely appreciative for any assistance you could provide for me. Even if I don't get a government grant I would like to thank you anyway, just for taking the time to read this story, and to say thank you for helping those of us who feel like hope is gone, and no one cares.

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