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25 Year Old Asthma Disabled Army Veteran Seeks Debt Relief Solution

by Ashley Seawright
(El Paso, Texas, USA)

I am a 25-year-old veteran of the U.S. Army. I deployed to Iraq in 2007 and I was diagnosed with severe asthma.

I have had many treatments and know I am using the maximum medications. I have been having trouble breathing and due to this I am limited to doing things that I did before.

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I can't walk up my stairs without getting shortness of breath, I can't run like I used to, and I have trouble sleeping at night.

I am currently taking online classes because I am scared that I might have an asthma attack or get sick at school and have to miss days.

I'm trying to pay off my school loan, so that I can get financial aid. But I don't work and it is just so stressful. It seems like every time I try to finish, an obstacle always comes along.

Although my husband works, our expenses are too much. Trying to come up with $10,000 for school is out of reach. I really need a debt relief solution.

I believe that a government grant will help me finish my education and be able to show others that no matter what obstacles the world puts in your way you can make it.

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May 04, 2010
Veteran Resources in your Area
by: Katina from Accessible.org

Congratulations on making the effort to submit your story to Accessible.org.

With the publication of your story, you are now well on your way to:

1. Getting your story known to a wide audience that could help you.

2. Getting your story polished up and presentable so you can submit it elsewhere, including the White House.

As a disabled person myself, I can sympathize with your situation and I definitely understand your need for help.

I've done a bit of research and found these resources for you:

Dept Relief

Disabled American Veteran

Others reading your story may be able to contribute more.

In any case, please let us know if they've been helpful to you.

Katina from Accessible.org

Good luck!

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