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25 Year Old Disabled Cancer Survivor Seeks Business Grant For Daycare

by Melissa
(Olympia, Washington, USA)

I want to start a daycare.

I want to start a daycare.

I have many limitations because of the cancer treatments but I feel I can and will always be able to take care of children.

I would love to open my own daycare. Being on disability income though, I will never have the money I need in order to be able to make this come true.

Due to cancer treatments I can no longer have children. But working with my nieces and nephews makes me feel not so empty on the inside.

I really need to start affordable childcare for struggling parents. Everyone struggles sometimes, and right now I am struggling to keep my head above water!

I worked hard until I was disabled, and sitting home daily makes me miserable, constantly waiting for nothing!

I need a government or other business grant to start a daycare. I need to help myself to help others. Thank you.

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Sep 14, 2011
18 Year Old Successful Home Daycare
by: Daycare Provider


I started my business when my 3 children were under the age of 5 about 18 years ago. I could not bring myself to leave them.

I posted flyers in churches, supermarkets and ran local ads in the newspapers when money allowed it. Before I knew it, I had 7 kids plus my three and got licensed. When licensed you get put in a databank of daycare providers. I continued to get calls from there as well. We've had some good months financially and some tight ones. I started with nothing but a toy box of toys and my enthusiasm for children.

Overtime, I accumulated toys and learning materials, toys, playpens for naps from daycare parents and money I saved. I shopped at second hand stores and garage sales for the best buys.

I now have a home set up like a preschool and play area. I used my artistic abilities to paint on my walls. And I shopped around for the best prices on soft carpets to give my home a comfortable environment. I laminated the alphabet, shapes and numbers... which really added pizzazz to the wall also.

I now teach the children what they need to know from kindergarten by printed off free worksheets online. Most of my kids go into excel classes.

Looking professional and fun is a must. I get my hair colored and cut in a short manageable bob... so make-up and hair only takes 15 minutes. I wear jeans, fun tops and socks with pigs, cow, hearts or something fun on them.

Make sure your house is clean and looks fun as well as comfortable. Warm soothing colors on the walls help with this.

When dealing with parents, focus on positives... they love to hear how great their child's day is. Yes, you have some time-outs here and there but do not focus on the negative so much. When parents get off, they are tired, miss their kids and want to hear good things. Not every day will be fabulous, but being encouraging towards the children and families goes a long way in keeping families for years.

I wouldn't focus too much on your illness because you don't want parents to think you are disabled or their child might lack good quality care. I have an illness too and I do my best to not show it. I have found it worries parents unnecessarily.

Good Luck and keep your chin up. If children are your passion and love, it will show.

Aug 10, 2010
What you have to do!
by: Rose

One of the first things that you should do is to go to your state's website to see if they have any grant programs available.

I have a grants-related blog about daycare grants at grantbasics101-daycare.blogspot.com and it may surprise you that there are a lot of grant programs out there for both non-profit and for-profit daycares. It is not an impossible thing to be able to do!

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