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25 Year Old Single Mother Seeks Government Education Grant

by Mileah Edgecomb
(Carrabelle, FL, USA)

I am a 25-year-old single mother of two boys ages 9 and 7. I'm looking for a government grant to further my education and get a good job.

James, my oldest, struggles with ADD. I had them at a very young age but have managed to raise them alone. Their father and I separated when my youngest was only two.

Since then I have not gotten any help from him. He is in and out of jail and is not able to hold on to a job. I have kept a job as a waitress for the last four years but have barely made ends meet.

So, I have recently started earning an associates degree in science medical billing and coding, online.

About two months into my degree program, the restaurant closed due to the economy. I now have no job.

Because the town that I live in is very small, my search for another job has been endless. I have used all the money I have for gas to drive around looking for work.

My Internet bill and all my other bills are due soon. Without Internet service I will not be able to finish collage.

I come from a poor family so I can't get any help from them. I am afraid that without help I will not be able to finish my education.

If I drop out now, I'll still owe the loans for my tuition, getting me even further in debt, and preventing me from getting accepted by other colleges.

I don't know what I will do if I don't get help soon. I cannot afford to go out of town to find work.

There is not a single person in my family that I know of that has gone to college. I would like to be the first. Please help me! Sincerely, Mileah Edgecomb.

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Apr 05, 2010
Your school can help.
by: Anonymous

All schools of higher learning have a financial aid advisor. I'd suggest that you start there immediately. They don't like to lose their students and will work with you in many ways to help you retain your student status.

Very good luck to you!

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