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25 Year Old Spondylolisthesis Disabled Man Seeks Answers To Escape Pain

by Kevin Sharp
(San Diego, CA, USA)

What began at age 5 as a fall from 14' is now keeping me from enjoying life.

I took great pride in my skill as a woodworker, working full time from age 15 to 25. From age 15, I maintained self-sufficiency through my hard work, not asking for as much as money from my parents for clothes.

At 24, my back pain had begun to greatly impact my life. Luckily, I was covered under my employer's health coverage, and sought medical insight.

An MRI showed that I had the condition "spondylolisthesis" at L5-S1. Basically, my L5 vertebrae had broken, and slipped forward on my S1 vertebrae, causing intense pain and my nerve being pinched.

On February 9, 2010 I had an anterior-posterior spinal fusion with Gill laminectomy. I have a synthetic disc between L5 and S1, along with Titanium rods and screws.

The incisions have since healed, but I wake every morning in intense pain, and go through the day just trying to manage it through medication, stretching, ice/heat and physical therapy.

Nothing seems to take the pain below a level 7, and I can barely sit long enough to type this.

Two weeks ago, I received my last State Disability check, and now am waiting the 6 months for my SSDI.

Anything worth value that I acquired while working has been sold to cover medical expenses. I have no idea where to turn for money for rent, food and the copay for physical therapy.

My goal is to return to college, as I have spent my life up to this point building furniture and cabinets, and at this point I can hardly lift a gallon of milk without crippling pain.

I am exploring the resources available, and any help at this point is appreciated.

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