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25-Year-Old Woman With Cerebral Palsy Looking For A Government Disability Grant

by Jessica
(Austin, Texas, USA)

I'm a 25-year-old woman with Cerebral Palsy looking for a government disability grant to have a home built to meet my special needs.

I lost my dad when I was just 8 years old. That was hard for me. Growing up with Cerebral Palsy wasn't easy either.

I've been in and out of the hospital since I was a baby. In school, kids would pick on me. Sometimes my family members would pick on me also.

I was always told I couldn't do certain things because of my disability. I was told that I would always live with my mother. A lot of the time I felt left out like I don't fit in with my family.

Since graduating high school I have been trying to move out on my own. I don't work so it is difficult for me to move out on my own and try to pay rent too.

I live at home with my mom and everything in the home is not reachable for me: cabinets, plugs, shelves, etc. Since I live with my mom I feel like I'm not independent and I have to depend on others.

I just want to feel independent and know that I won't have to depend on others to do things for me. Getting a grant could help me have a home that is specifically designed to meet the needs of my disability.

I could also have a sense of independency and know that I will be okay living alone. I would be very grateful for a home that is designed for me because this is something that I want and it's something that I desperately need.

I'm starting to believe everything those people told me. Sometimes I feel like this world is made for me, but I hold my head up high and smile because I know things will get better soon.

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Mar 01, 2014
Assisted Living
by: Anonymous


My name is Barbara and I assist special individuals with finding apartments, government assistance, as well government sponsored help. I would love to hear more about your situation. My services are free and I work off a federal grant.

Note from Don Ability-Mission.org... Barbara, please contact us via the contact page so we can see how we might work together.

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