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26 Year Old MS Disabled Single Mom Seeks Grant To Help With Everyday Expenses

by Michelle
(Tampa, FL, USA)

I am 26 as I write this, single with 3 kids, Valyn, Lily and Phoebe. My youngest is two and my oldest, Valyn, has been a miracle.

He has helped in countless ways through this whole experience of what has been dealt in my life.

I was diagnosed after the birth of my third child, Phoebe, with multiple sclerosis.

My first trusted neurologist told me that she didn't want to be a part of my demise. I was heartbroken.

To find out, I have one of the rarest forms that could affect every aspect of my physical body.

At this moment, I have been seeing a new neurologist, who I insisted and hunted for. He had no problem with my insurance, or lack there of and accepted me.

Since being in his care, I have a higher outlook on my mobility and bless everyday for him.

Stating that I'm a single mother of three on a fixed SSDI income, is in its own, a statement of the financial hardships I suffer.

Not being able to offer my children what they deserve the most has struck a blow to my self-esteem too.

I cannot drive. I rely on family for that. I inject daily with a shot, Copaxone, which leaves me bruised, sore and fatigued. But each day I know it is an opening to something strong to manifest.

The only financial help I have is with SSDI. I am grateful to have it. If not, I would not be able to support any lifestyle, or if at all very minimal.

I am attending a college for Computer Science. It is no doubt and no shame that I DO need assistance through grants anyway they can come.

It would help with food, expenses, schooling and much more.

I believe every day is a miracle, I see it through my children's eyes. And with hope and dreams, anything can become manifested. And I believe I can provide something I never had as a child - stability.

Thank you for reading my story and I hope it has inspired you as every day I am inspired and have an ambition to prevail, regardless of my obstacles.

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