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27 Year Old Daughter Seeks Medical Debt Relief For Disabled Parents

by Alisha Register
(Madison, TN, USA)

I am a 27-year-old daughter by the name of Alisha and I am telling my parents' story, which saddens me greatly.

My mother Patricia is currently in remission from breast cancer and my father Larry has been on disability since April of 2000 due to severe breathing problems.

Things weren't that bad at first but the last two years have been terrible. My mother's job of 25 years cut her pay all the way down to minimum wage.

By the time she pays for their insurance, which they both have to have due to their medical problems, they are now about to lose their house and transportation.

There are also the recurring hospital stays when my father gets pneumonia and other upper respiratory infections and the constant check-ups for my mother's cancer.

The bills just keep rolling in as a result of the insurance not paying nearly enough.

My mother works 15 to 16 hours a day and bring home less than $100 a week to try to cover utilities and food.

The one check a month my dad receives goes to cover the house payment. But if they pay that, then they are way short on their car and utility payments. Usually one utility gets shut off and it just goes back and forth.

It was first recommended to them to try bankruptcy, but they were informed that they would still lose their house and property.

It has become so bad that they have to use two space heaters to heat the rooms that are essential and the rest of their home remains cold.

I myself have been trying to help with groceries and so forth but now due to my pregnancy and the fact that my unborn child is having a severe birth defect, I'm not in a situation to continue to help right now.

They have even been turned down for food stamps and pretty much any other assistance. I am really worried about them because they have nowhere to go and this is generating a lot of depression in my father.

I am an only child and I couldn't bear to lose one of them due to all of this. I just know that it isn't good for their health.

If anyone out there can help it would be the greatest gift ever if they could get some help and I know you will be rewarded greatly in the end.

Thanks to all who read this story.

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Jan 11, 2010
Disabled Parents
by: Anonymous

I genuinely feel so bad for you and your parents. Times are so very hard right now for everyone. I a disabled LPN, and lost all to Hurricane Katrina. May God bless you dear for the problem of bringing into the world a child with birth defects.

These children are only given to people who can handle them. As for parents, what a mess. Go to the pastor of your church if you have one and ask that they do a non-profit raffle of some sort to help your parents out.

Your mother needs to be on disability, because cancer is a disability. Also for mom? check out the tea discovered by a nurse (www.praxea.com). It has been known to heal cancer patients.

Good luck on your journey. I will pray for you and your parents. I would file for bankruptcy. Simply put, there are two types: one that saves your belongings, and one that does not.

Also there is the Obama plan out there to keep people from losing their homes in these hard times. Allstate modifications in Houston, Texas are doing ours. I am sure your parents will qualify and it is only $399. Good luck and god bless.

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