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27 Year Old Disabled Wife Seeks Grant Money For Medical Debt Relief

by Shequinta
(Nashville,TN, USA)

I am a 27-year-old female. I am married with no children. I attend college as a fulltime student.

I am a very outgoing person who always looks at the brighter side of things despite the odds.

I have been disabled since birth.

I was born with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). I had my large intestine removed and had a colostomy bag that was later removed after several years.

I have irritable bowel syndrome due to removal of my intestine. I have been in and out the hospital my whole life and I'm always in pain.

I have frequent bowel obstructions, bowel loops, free air that goes straight to my stomach, constant diarrhea, and extreme fatigue and dehydration.

My symptoms have become worse these past couple of years because the reconnecting surgery is trying to undo itself.

I have recently been declared disabled. I am really suffering financially because I have not been able to work the past couple of years and my husband was laid off.

We had to move in with my mother who is old and it hurts because I am putting a burden on her.

She has to work overtime just to help me with medical expenses and everyday living.

I just start receiving disability but it barely enough to pay for us to survive month to month. It's not enough to move out on our own.

I can't receive medical assistance for 24 months because they say it's their waiting period. It's just so hard to make ends meet and I'm reaching out to anyone for help.

I have tried to go and get a part-time job but my illness will not allow me to work because of the pain and frequent bathroom accents.

I have applied for housing but there is a 2-year waiting list. I have tried churches, and several different agencies that all have turned me down due to either no funds or a waiting process.

I am looking for grants that can help me get on my feet and a home and reliable transportation.

I also need insurance so I can go to a specialist who will be able to help me get better so I can work and provide for my family.

I have always wanted to work with and mentor underprivileged girls from the age of 12-19. That is a critical time period in a young girls life, which will ultimately determine her future.

I would like to purchase a building which I would have set up like a second home for them, a place where they can come to do their homework, watch movies, eat, laugh, cry, talk about their problems, etc.

In the city I live in there is a high demand for youth mentors and counselors but no one is stepping up and helping these kids and they are our future.

A grant of 25,000 would help me get the building and provide transportation and fund outings and fund equipment for the building.

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