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27 Year Old Gastrointestinal Disorder Disabled Man Seeks Education Grant Money

by Joshua Michael Jansen
(Redding, California, USA)

My name is Joshua Michael Jansen. I am a 27-year-old male from Redding California.

I am currently engaged to a wonderful woman. I help take care of my soon-to-be mother-in-law and autistic brother-in-law.

I am a diligent and responsible person and would like to help my family more if at all possible. My family is what keeps me going and keeps me strong.

I currently have two problems. We are currently waiting on a diagnosis for a gastrointestinal disorder. This started about 7 years ago and has recently in the last year and a half been in debilitating pain since.

Day by day it gets worse. I have nausea 24 hours a day. I vomit at least 4 times a week, and have constant diarrhea.

Dr. Richard Weisiger at The University of California San Francisco is currently seeing me. I am also waiting for the Motility clinic at The University of California Davis.

I also have a bulged disc in my lower spine that is pressing on the sciatic nerve causing pain from my back and down my right leg.

This happened in an accident one year ago. It is currently getting worse and I am awaiting a visit with an orthopedic surgeon at The University of California Davis.

My official status from my doctor is that I am disabled and need to be on SSI.

Ever since my accident I have not been able to work, and have been waiting for SSI.

Since I can't work we have been relying on my soon-to-be wife's income, which is enough to just scrape by and keep a roof over our heads.

I cannot do my normal housework anymore due to my back.

With the rise in gas prices we are lucky to get around to all our appointments and other responsibilities.

One out of 9 medication is not covered and most of the time we cannot afford to pick them up when I need them.

I now have to wear an orthopedic back brace, which makes it hard to move.

In attempts to keep my family afloat I have signed up for SSI, and have sold off almost everything I own just to keep us moving.

I have tried to get graphic design jobs from home but there isn't very much work out there.

On many occasions I have had to ask my family for loans to pay our bills.

I am looking for any kind of benefits or grants to help me go to a trade school for which I have been awarded a $1000 scholarship. The remaining balance is $2990.

This includes the classes, lodging, equipment and certifications. I am hoping to find a grant or benefit that will pay for the remainder of the balance for the school, and also to keep me fed while I am there.

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