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27 Year Old Kristin Seeks Grant Money For Vehicle And Medical Expenses

by Kristin
(Dayton, Ohio, USA)

I'm 27 years old and single. I am engaged and recently moved away from my family in Wisconsin to be with my fiancé in Dayton Ohio.

Last July I was pregnant with my first child and ended up miscarrying due to the conditions that I have.

I would have had my baby in April but didn't due to the miscarriage and not knowing that I had a condition that causes miscarriages.

When I was four years old, I started doing gymnastics and I was very good at it.

My dream was to become an Olympic gymnast, but my dream never came true. All hopes of ever doing any kind of sport just killed me inside because I was a very active girl.

That is when the anxiety and depression came in. None of my dreams has come true yet and I've been waiting since I've been 14. Everything just seems to keep going wrong.

The conditions that I have are congenital scoliosis, spinal stenosis and a rotated spine.

I just had surgery for the scoliosis to open up space to relieve the nerves. I've been told there is no possible way to fix the rotated spine and that I will have to live with it.

I am constantly getting steroid shots in my back. I'm in chronic pain and am unable to work.

I also suffer from severe depression and anxiety, which also causes problems in a work place.

This all started in 1997 when I was 14. My father was getting social security checks for my brother, sister and me, and I didn't file for disability until I was 18.

I waited over four years to finally get a decision that I was going to receive social security benefits.

I will probably be on disability for the rest of my life because so far there is nothing they can do for my back. I do have my bouts where my back will feel good but then it will go out.

I can't do anything I want to do like sports and I miss doing a lot of things due to these disabilities.

I was also diagnosed with an undifferentiated connective tissue disease and have had eight surgeries in the last four years.

My fiancé and I are behind in all our bills due to him getting laid off back in December. I only make $694 a month and couldn't afford my car payment.

They came and repossessed my car and put it up for auction because we couldn't come up with the $2361.

I used that vehicle to get to and from doctors' appointments, which are necessary for my recovery and care of my conditions.

It is hard for me to do house work because it bothers my back and I am on several medications to try and control the conditions that I have.

I really need a car to get to and from doctor appointments. I've been so depressed about it that I had no idea what to do.

Then I found this site and I hope I can get the help I need for my disabilities.

We have several bills that we have been trying to catch up on but due to the country's hardships it's kind of hard to try and get ahead.

If I were to get a grant it would mean the world to me to pay the bills that are overdue and to get a vehicle to get to and from doctor appointments.

I've been completely devastated that I was unable to get my car back. I even tried working with the bank where I got the loan, all to no avail.

How can they do that to a person that is disabled? I don't understand that.

I haven't worked since I was 16 as a cashier. Even then it was hard on my back standing there for four hours a day and sometimes not getting a break.

I attempted to go to college twice to become a medical assistant. I failed out both times due to the connective tissue disease.

If it isn't one thing that goes wrong with me it's another. I do receive SSDI and SSI. My SSI did go down when I moved to Ohio because I don't get a state SSI check as I did in Wisconsin.

The doctors told me that I need to do something with my head and not my body. It isn't easy to find a job out there to where you can just sit and not stand all day. That is why I'm permanently on disability.

The specific thing that I am asking for is a grant that will help me get caught up on all my bills and to be able to get a vehicle to get me to and from doctors' appointments for the conditions that I have.

The last thing would be a better bed that is more comfortable for my back so that it will help it instead of the bed I have which kills me.

I want my credit score to go up and the only way that will happen is if I pay off all my bills.

I would be so grateful if I were to get a grant to help met. It's pretty sad that I'm 27 and have been on disability since I was a minor.

It makes me feel horrible I just want something good to happen in my life. I hope this is the start of me being happy.

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