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27 Year Old MRSA Disabled Army Veteran Seeks Vehicle And Debt Relief Grants

by Jeremy Jones, Sr.
(Spring Lake, NC, USA )

My name is Jeremy Jones Sr. I am 27 years old and married with four beautiful children.

I served 7 years in the U.S. Army doing three tours. In my first tour to Iraq I caught Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

I had to be sent home and was given one month to live. But as you can see, by the grace of God I am still here.

Unfortunately though, the MRSA is in my liver kidneys and heart and will never go away.

The other two tours were the same. I had to be flown to the nearest hospital and then home. The MRSA is slowly killing me.

Because of the MRSA, I was eventually medically retired, can never serve my country again and now I can't get a job.

I have four kids. My daughter who is over a year old hasn't even had her four-month shots because we have no transportation.

I am asking you to look into your hearts and provide us with a vehicle.

MRSA is a bacterial infection that attacks your heart, liver, kidneys and immune system.

It is highly contagious, so if I have an open wound I have to be hospitalized.

I can't be around my kids at times because of the disease and I can't be bitten by bugs or be in unclean environments.

I was first diagnosed while on tour in Iraq in 2006. According to the doctors, I will have the MRSA for the rest of my life.

Eventually I will succumb to the disease and die.

My disability status is 30%. It pays me $642 a month, which is barely enough to cover medical expenses. I struggle in vain to pay other bills.

I have no vehicle so I can't take my kids or myself to the doctor. I'm in desperate need of a vehicle for my family.

I have tried to get grants and other assistance but no one seems willing to help me out.

I am looking for vehicle and debt relief grants so I can go to the doctor, pay off my bills and support my family.

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