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27 Year Old Single Mom Seeks Grant Money For Daughter And Father Care

by Janette G. Willaims
(New Carlisle, Indiana, USA)

I'm a 27-year-old divorced single mother of an amazing little girl named Abigailruth Joy Disse Williams.

Abby and I live with my parents. They need my help and I need theirs.

When I was in labor with Abby her heart rate kept dropping. When she was born she had a hole in her heart.

I didn't get to keep my baby in my room when we were in the hospital. She had to stay in the nursery and on heart monitors.

We were referred to Doctor Thomas Capannari a Pediatric Cardiologist. In the first of November she was diagnosed with Williamsons Syndrome.

That entitled her to SSI Disability. She gets $316.01 a month. I get $50 a week for child support. After all childcare expenses, what we get is gone.

November 30th Abby had her 1st heart surgery. In March Abby was sent to Riley's again because her calcium level went up to 17.1.

We were there for 12 days. My family helps me as much as they can. My dad (David Disse age 69) is retired from his work. He is a Navy Veteran as well.

He has to go to the Veterans Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana every 5 weeks for health reasons.

My mom (Ruth Disse age 65) helps me as much as she can with Abby, but with her age isn't able to do as much as she would like. She too is retired.

We all need one another. We are all there for each other but we have some needs that just can't be met in any way other than a grant.

I need a $50,000 grant for a car or mini van to take my Dad to the Veterans Hospital and my daughter to Riley's Hospital for Children when they have to go.

We are also looking at a home in Renesselaer, Indiana because that would put us about an hour from La Porte where Abby's doctors are.

It's also only about 90 minutes away from Riley's Hospital for Children close to the Veterans Hospital in Indianapolis and only about 35 minutes from the VA clinic in Crown Point.

I need a grant of $115,000 for that. I would like us there because it's at a halfway point to wherever I would be going with either Dad or Abby.

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