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28 Year Old Bipolar Mother Seeks Grant Money To Repay College Debt

by Summer Bert
(Appleton, WI, USA)

I am a 28-year-old single mother. I'm dating the father of my son. We have not been able to get married yet.

My son is three years old. I successfully graduated college in a record time of three years rather than the usual four.

My interests involve the numerous ways that spirituality is celebrated. I enjoy meditation, reading, and designing environments that are healing to me.

I was referred to as bipolar in the year 2008 in a crisis circumstance. My bipolar causes me to experience levels of maniac episodes in cases that I feel elated and develop superior ways of thinking.

This crisis emerged while I was working my full time job, which I was stable at for a year.

Things are working out where I can manage life with my medications, but I am still looked at by my doctor as very disabled. In fact he only recommends that I work less than ten hours per week if that. I have a mental disability that is affecting my entire way of living.

Due to past episodes of my manic attacks, I have raised quite a bit of debt in credit cards.

I decided to enroll back in college and needed all the fall back to school things such as a wardrobe, not to mention tuition.

Another example of my disability occurred when I became obsessed with do it yourself construction. Home Depot gave me a credit line, which was way beyond my means, and I used it foolishly.

I lack the skills to be solely responsible in paying back my debt. That is why it is getting so out of hand. I am being late and getting these charges.

I receive disability pay which is limited, and it is hard to contribute to my family's food shopping. The cost of my health insurance takes ten percent of my income each month.

I have sent many resumes in areas that I know I would normally get the job in and unfortunately have heard nothing.

I am working with a service that helps disability challenged people to find jobs but have been told that they are not as successful as it appears.

I am not supposed to get my hopes up. Yet, I am not quitting till I find a job to supplement my income.

Any grants that would assist me in paying back my debt that was incurred while my disability was at its greatest would be a lifesaver.

I want to be responsible but must admit that I do have a disability that is challenging. I need help.

I have gotten so much help from my family that I feel it is necessary to seek outside of them.

Any other benefits or grants that would make my life more towards the comfortable rather than struggling side would be appreciated and gladly accepted.

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Jan 09, 2012
Change your phone number
by: Anonymous

Please change your phone number. Creditors are calling constantly.

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