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28 Year Old Single Man Seeks Grant Money To Care For Cousin And Disabled Mother

by Donald
(Livonia, Michigan, USA)

My name is Don. I'm 28 years old and I take care of my mom and my 8-year-old cousin Sean. I feel like no one is willing to help us.

I'm unable to work because my mom is disabled from a car accident. Here's how it started. Early December 2007, my mom was taking my cousin to a doctor appointment.

A woman who was reckless driving failed to stop and struck my mom's car in the rear end sending it flying 50 feet.

My mom and my cousin were hurt. My mom sustained a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and a severely injured back.

The driver who hit her didn't have insurance. It has been so tough these last two plus years.

My mom stays in bed almost all day because she can't walk without pain and suffering. She has all the major downfalls of a TBI.

I lost my job because I helped my mom. I'm unable to work now because I have to take care of her and Sean.

We're just falling deeper and deeper in debt. I'm scared of what's going to happen. I cry quite a bit about my situation and my mom's health.

I feel like giving up, but I can't. My family has always helped anyone in need without asking for anything in return.

Now that we need help, no one is helping, nor do they care. I always wonder why people are so selfish.

Please help my family and me. We're good people. Thank all of you.

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Aug 06, 2011
My mom also has a TBI
by: Kelly

Try to get a Social Security Disability lawyer who will help your mom get at least some money to live on. Also, in some areas, they offer healthcare along with the SSI so you might be able to get a part-time nurse aid to come sit with her while you work. I had to get a job and it was hard leaving her alone. My mom sustained a TBI in 2003. We had no help either. It was hard but it will get easier - I promise you that. Look for brain injury support groups - they sometimes have advice and resources.

I am currently applying to law schools so that I can help people like us when I graduate. Nobody understands this unless you've been through it.

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