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29 Year Old Bipolar Disabled Mom Seeks Grant Money For Truck And School

by Catherine
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

I'm 29 years old and married to Oscar. We have six children and I'm a stay-at-home mom.

My husband doesn't work because of my illness I can't be alone with my little ones, Joey 2, Anabell 3, and Mia 10 months.

It's sad. I feel like I can't do it alone so he stays to help me. We have no family. Well we do, but it's like we're alone and it's hard really hard.

I have bipolar and depression it all started when I was 7 years old and my grandmother that I loved with all my heart died and left me.

I wasn't the same. I was sad. I felt like I was left all alone in this mean world. My father was never there and my mother a junkie and always in prison.

I started being mad at the world cutting myself, fighting anyone who got in my way.

I was in jail and my sickness just got worse as the years went by.

Today I'm still suffering with this illness. I don't have any friends because I think everyone's trying to do stuff behind my back or out to get me.

At home I think my husband is with the girl next door. I'm just a mess. I want more in life. This can't be all I was put here for. There's got to be more.

I get $846 SSI due to my illness and $561 AFDC for my daughter I have Section 8 but still we struggle with bills and getting stuff for our kids is hard.

We can't go anywhere fun and being home isn't fun for anyone.

My husband has gotten jobs but because of me he can't work. I feel so sad and hurt that I stop my husband from being and doing what he wants.

He was going to college to get an AA degree in criminal justice. He has a few more classes and he's done but he can't go now because he lost his financial aid.

To top it off, the truck that we got years ago broke down. The motor's out and it'll cost $1000 to fix. We can't do it like this.

Walking with the children is scary and I start thinking something's going to happen. One of the kids is going to get hit by a car or just crazy things.

We get clothing for the kids from places that give clothes and stuff. It's just hard and sad to me. I wish things would be different.

We get SSI and AFDC and donations from places. We don't go to church because we can't keep the children still.

I'm looking for a grant to get a new truck and some money for school for my husband so he can go back and finish school and we can better our lives.

I just want some help from someone please.

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