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29 Year Old Single Mother Seeks Accessible Vehicle And Housing For Disabled Child

by Brooke Hacker
(Wichita, KS, USA)

My name is Brooke. I am a 29-year-old single mother. I have two beautiful little girls and another one adopted by an amazing family.

I myself am not the one with the disability. Unfortunately, it is my 7-year-old little angel Arian, who is disabled.

Arian was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and had undergone three open-heart surgeries by the time she was two.

With her third surgery, Arian suffered a massive stroke leaving her in a coma.

She soon awoke, and we found that she was going to have to "start over" and learn everything all over again.

As a result of the stroke, Arian is now in a wheelchair due to paralysis of her legs and left side.

It is nothing short of a miracle that she is one of the brightest kids in her class today and that we even have her here with us.

Arian will have another procedure soon to help the muscles and tendons in her legs reach the appropriate angle for her to learn to walk again someday.

Being a single parent alone is tough, not to mention having a special needs child. I also have a 5-year-old daughter.

While we were in Michigan for the third surgery, our stay was extended due to the unexpected stroke, so we unfortunately lost our home and vehicle and had to start over again ourselves.

I have not been able to keep a job because I am the one who provides 24-hour care for her.

Arian, her little sister Adri and I are currently sharing a bedroom in my parents' basement.

We have no transportation of our own and have to rely on others to take us where needed which sometimes we just can't get there at all.

The only income we have for the three of us to live each month is the $660 I receive for Arian's SSI.

What would make our lives so dramatically better is if we could receive a grant for us to obtain a vehicle that would be appropriate for loading and unloading Arian's wheelchair.

Most importantly, I am looking to find a grant or financial help to get us moved into a home or apartment of our own where we don't have the added stress of squeezing ourselves and our belongings into one room.

It would be so amazing if my girls could have the space they need to be kids and play and learn.

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