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30 Year Old Bipolar Disabled Woman Seeks Housing Grant To Leave Homelessness

by Lanita
(Little Elm, TX, USA)

My name is Lanita, and I am 30-year-old bipolar person. I was born in Dallas, Texas in 1981.

In 1999 I graduated high school and telecommunications academy at James Madison High.

I have two older sisters that I talk to on a regular basis. I moved out of my mother's home in 2004 at the age of 23. My mother's death in 2007 has humbled me.

I submitted an application for the Low Rent Public Housing Self Sufficiency Program at the Dallas Housing Authority. My oldest sister lived with me in 2004 because of her special education.

While living on the third floor I was working full-time, helping my sister, and going to my mother's house because of her illness.

I filled out a request to move because people in the residence were watching my every move. It was dangerous and drug selling since my sister had moved out.

They moved me into another one-bedroom apartment that was located back on the third floor.

I had applied for social security after I had a nervous breakdown, panic attacks and anxiety. My mother had talked to them on the phone because she didn't know what was wrong with me. I had received my disability benefits in 2006.

I filled out another move form for me to move onto the first floor, which was $200 I couldn't afford. I was attending to see my counselor at the Texas Department Of Rehabilitations, riding the bus, and paying for traffic tickets.

Fainting, swollen feet and dehydration in the sun caused me to collapse and knock myself unconscious at the Municipal Court Building. They rushed me to the hospital to get stitches in between my eyes.

After being released, I received a phone call from the Dallas Housing Authority stating that someone had broken into my apartment.

I made a complaint on the rails on the stairs that were damaged in 2009 after falling down halfway. I had injured my back and busted a lip. The office manager stated that I was going to die there.

In 2010, Dallas Housing Authority evicted several residents for non-payment of rent because of electricity issues the residents couldn't afford.

I was homeless and lived with my cousin for two months until I could find another place to live. November 21, 2010, I moved into Chesapeake Apartments.

I was working seasonal part-time for my financial situation because of the full amount of rent and electricity.

I had referred a friend to the apartment complex because she didn't have any place to stay.

In May of 2011 the Chesapeake Apartment manager required for me to move because I was defending myself from getting stabbed by a friend. It was the same friend that moved into Chesapeake Apartments.

As a result of this situation, I recently live with my other cousin and have been in the hospital.

Living homeless again and moving from place to place is not comfortable for any disabled person.

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