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30 Year Old Disabled Marine Corps Veteran Seeks Higher Education Grant

by Alexander
(Tacoma, WA, USA)

I am a 30-year-old male who is soon to be married. I have no kids as of yet and I served honorably in the Marine Corps from 1999 to 2003.

As like many veterans, I am a sufferer of Gulf War Syndrome. My official disability status is 30% for skin problems due to radiation I was exposed to.

Other symptoms include stomach problems, joint pain and migraines. Further disability claim is pending with the VA.

Even with proper diet and what exercise I can do, none of these symptoms has improved.

I work as a truck driver. It is considered full time work, but due to illness related to my disability or doctors appointments I rarely get sufficient hours.

With my migraines it is going to make keeping my current job difficult with how dangerous it is to operate such a big vehicle on the road with sudden migraine attacks.

Chronic stomach problems and especially severe dry skin make even the minutest amount of exercise or physical activity almost unbearable. As you can imagine this affects my weight and personal life.

As of right now I am working as many hours as I can with my current job. I am also trying to get the help I need with disability from the VA and researching grants.

I am looking for grants to help me financially with tuition so that I can one day earn my Ph.D in Astronomy.

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