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30-Year-Old Woman With Cerebral Palsy Seeks Grant To Return To School

by Rocio
(Sedro-Woolley, WA, USA)

I am a 30-year-old woman with a mild case of cerebral palsy. I have lived and dealt with it my whole life.

When I was born, I was supposed to be a healthy chubby baby girl. What I got was a disability.

Back in 1976 doctors were able to use prongs on women when they have a c-section. That is exactly what the doctor did except he crushed my skull.

In that time, I lost oxygen and that was when I developed Cerebral Palsy. Amazingly, I lived through that ordeal.

We sued the Doctor but we lost the case. They tried buying my parents out but they said no. For them, it wasn't about the money. It was about the wrong they did to me.

Because of this, I have had grand mal seizures all my life and walk with a slight limp. My right side is an inch smaller than my left.

I protect my right side a lot because that's the side that has been affected the most by the cerebral palsy. I have to do many tasks with just my left side. I can only type with my left hand.

When I work I use my left side the most. And now all this work is getting to me. My body is starting to hurt more and I am tired more.

I have surpassed all my doctors' expectations and have been able to do more than what they said.

I have gone to College and gotten an Associate in Arts University and College Transfer (AAUCT) degree.

My dream is to go back to school. I want to go for my B.A and M.A. The best way for me to go back to school is to quit working.

It will help me get through school better because I can focus just on school and not worry about how much pain I am in.

I am only asking for money because I really need it. Personally, I am not a person to ask for help but I want to fulfill my dream and go back to school.

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