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31 Year Old Disabled Mother Seeks Housing Grant Money For Second Chance At Life

by Brandy Medoro
(Kalamazoo, MI, USA)

Emmalee; my reason for being

Emmalee; my reason for being

Emmalee; my reason for being Emmy and J; my life

I am a 31-year-old mother of one 7-year-old daughter. I am married to a 35-year-old man, who tries very hard to make us happy.

We owned a home once on a land contract, but lost it due to my husband having back and kidney surgery and being taken out of work.

And also I had already existing disabilities and then had surgery on my arm and was deemed permanently disabled.

We just want to have a home for our little girl to grow up in and feel stable in.

Currently I am residing in Michigan with family and my husband is in New York with family.

We don't want to be separated; things just ended up this way. Another reason for applying is to get us into our own home and back together as a family again.

On November 30 1998 I was in a multiple vehicle accident that claimed the life of my 16-year-old sister, Danielle, and my fetal son Tyler (36 weeks gestation).

I was very badly injured and had a ruptured aorta, collapsed lungs and a ruptured uterus. My son protected my other organs but my uterus was left torn.

I was not supposed to be able to carry a baby again. But I did.

I also had a severe concussion and now have extensive nerve and muscle damage and deterioration all through my right side, neck and arm.

In 2009 I had surgery on my right arm, which has plagued me with pain since 1998, and so they went in to sever the small nerves from the large main nerve to help with tension.

In the process of this they found 2 shards of glass very deeply imbedded in my elbow, they had burrowed themselves in from the accident.

I was severely traumatized by this and left with an even more disabled state of physical and emotional being.

I have been classified as permanently disabled due to emotional and physical disabilities.

I am unable to work in any form of employment at this time because I cannot function in even a low stress environment.

I have had a hard time holding a job since that accident in 1998.

I seem to have a really hard time with focus after about three months. That seems to be about when I become emotionally overwhelmed.

I have only owned junk cars, and lived in the cheapest situations I could find. I could never really afford anything. I just try to deal with what I have.

I take Lyrica, Etodolac, Prozac, Hydroxyzine, and have been on many pain meds, anti-depressant and anxiety meds in the past 3 years.

I see a therapist, a psychologist, a pain management doctor and primary doctor for constant follow-ups.

I have seen many cardiologists, urologists (scar tissue related) neurologist, entomologists, hematologist (I am extremely anemic), orthopedic surgeons, gynecologists and pulmonologists in the past ten years.

I have also been through different kinds of physical therapy and had to stop because they were hurting the nerves and muscles more than helping them.

I get food stamps, SSI, SSD and Medicare with Medicaid with a buy-in. I have had numerous employers since 1998.

I had a really hard time keeping gainful employment due to both emotional and physical problems. I am on permanent disability.

I am looking for help with getting into a home as soon as possible so my 7-year-old daughter Emmalee can be in a stable environment and be happy and in her own home.

I don't want her to worry that we won't be able to afford it next month and will have to move again.

I have poor credit and have tried for many loans, personal and mortgage and don't know where else to turn or what else to do.

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