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31 Year Old Disabled Single Mother Seeks Government Housing Grant Money

by Jacquelyn Sears
(Houma, Louisiana, USA)

I am a 31 year old, single disabled mother of a 3-year-old baby girl, and I'm looking for government housing grant money.

I've never had the opportunity to be in the military but I am a military child myself!

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I was told at 28 that I would probably never have children but miracles happen and I was blessed with my daughter.

I do currently have a friend that I am seeing but I'm not sure where that is going. I just hope for the best!

My official condition is called paraplegic with severe scoliosis as a result from a gun shot which happened when I was just 1 year 2 months old!

I have limited mobility in the back and hips and no movement in my legs. I do have full control and functions of my bodily functions despite this.

I also had a set of tumors that formed in my uterus. Because of it, the doctors said I likely wouldn't be able to have children.

It's hard for a person in my situation to just say that I want to work. I've tried but I don't drive so I have no car.

Also finding a house is very difficult because of needing a doorway to fit my needs where I have access to every room.

Before I found out I had a tumor I had a job for about 8 months. I had my own house and was very happy.

But it got harder and harder for me to push myself to work (about 1/2 a mile) and move all about the job area.

So I decided to let go of my job and home when the doctors told me I had the tumor.

I ended up moving back into my grandmother's home until I got better.

I do have SSI Disability but most of the time it's not enough. I did manage to find an apartment for my daughter and me but I can't reach everything for myself.

I have a roommate who helps with some things around the house, but even with our incomes combined we are still barely making it.

My roommate has their bills and I have mine. Even though I love living with just my daughter, I can't survive without some help, especially financially.

I am trying to find help getting a house that I can afford.

The rent is $700, which I pay half of, but my income is only $674 a month. I also would like help with bills and counseling on life situations.

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