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32 Year Old Diabetes Disabled Travis Seeks Government Education Grant

by Travis R, Martin
(Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)

My name is Travis R. Martin, I am writing you today in hopes of receiving possible help to realize my full potential.

I am a 32-year-old Type 1 insulin dependent diabetic with several severe complications related to my illness. I am currently on Social Security Disability and am trying to support my wife and son on my income alone.

I deeply want to be a better provider not only to my family but also my country. I am a proud American.

I worked as a Congressional Page my junior year of high school and had planned on going into some field of government when I graduated college.

Unfortunately I was unable to graduate due to health-related complications.

What I want more than anything is to become fiscally independent so that I may be able to give back to those who have given so much to me.

I was officially diagnosed as a Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetic in the spring of 2000.

Shortly thereafter I found out that I also had Diabetic Neuropathy and chronic Gastroparesis.

I have had an intensive battle with not only the Diabetes but with other complications that have arisen as the years have past.

I have undergone several surgeries and experimental treatments to try and help stabilize my health.

I am currently feeling in better health than I have in many years and am looking forward to better tomorrows.

Due to the fact that I am on Social Security Disability I have a very limited income. My wife Amber had to quit her job in order to help take care of our son Reagan and myself.

Being the fact that we became a one-income family we had to move out of our apartment and start living with my mother.

Although I do appreciate everything my mother has done for us, I do feel as though it shouldn't be her responsibility to take care of my family and I.

If given the opportunity I would enjoy working out of the home. It would be the best situation for me due to the factors of my health.

I know a lot about painting and restoration and would love to learn about electronics.

If I could get technical training and was able to afford tools and materials I could go into business for myself and possible be able to eventually hire on others to help as business grew.

I am interested in receiving any and all help possible to help me fulfill a better future and become a more productive member of society.

I would like to be able to someday be able to buy a house of my own and start an at-home business. I have had several jobs over my work life.

I have worked in Government and retail sales. I have also worked as a bank teller and a security guard.

I have a vast knowledge of antiques and collectables and would enjoy doing something involving that area of expertise.

I would like to be trained in electronics repair so that I could fully repair and restore different items.

As far as costs are concerned it would come down to a matter a class expenses and supplies to make the restorations possible.

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