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32 Year Old Epileptic Nurse Looking For Government Education Grants

by Ranee LeBlanc
(Anderson, MO, USA)

I am a 32-year-old epileptic nurse looking for a government education grant to get the training I need to make a career change.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2006. I have been to numerous doctors and tried several medications. While my seizures have greatly improved, the stress of being a nurse antagonizes my epilepsy.

It makes me angry that I always have to worry that I am going to hurt one of my patients, if I have a seizure at work. I also have to have a sharp mind; the medication I take sometimes prevents me from doing medication dosage calculations.

I also have to have a good night's sleep, which can be unheard of in the medical profession. I am so torn about leaving the medical field because I love taking care of and nurturing people.

Then I began to examine my life and my nursing career, my favorite patients have been my special needs kids and adults. I would like to pursue a degree in special education and/or early childhood special education. I was a volunteer in my daughter's ECSE classroom and loved every minute of it.

I would like to get a government grant to go to school because I would have to cut down the number of hours I work or quit altogether if I go back to school due to the stress (which could cause more seizures) of working and going to school.

I simply could not afford to go to school, if I quit working. I am the major provider for my family. My husband does work; however, we live in SW Missouri and income for him is limited since he does not have a college degree.

A government education grant or any equivalent form of assistance would make such a difference.

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Dec 12, 2010
Funding Possibilities
by: Judy

I too have the same condition and was able to secure money for school from the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation in PA. While OVR helped greatly with a grant, I still had to take out Stafford Loans. Check to see if there is a comparable office in your state.

I say go for it! My husband at age 47 is currently enrolled in an R program because of my disability. If he can do it, so can you. There are courses to help you get a foundation to classes. You will have an advisor to help you. Hope everything works out and you get your funding.

Best wishes,

Jan 02, 2010
Me too, kinda, sorta !
by: woodye

I was diagnosed with seizures as well and have tried many mixtures to reach controlled status. I too want to find grant or loan monies to further
my education. Need good sleep, not too stressful, Want some Health care field kinda job. I never got my formal education past high school and that was 30 years ago. Holy crap! Why did I wait so long? Job, family, yada, yada, yada. Kinda all seemed to be of higher priority then. Did you Have any luck?

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