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32 Year Old Multiply Disabled Single Mom Seeks Grant To Purchase Vehicle

by Mandy
(Appleton, WI, USA)

I am a 32-year-old divorced mother of three children. I live in Appleton, Wisconsin.

I have three sisters and one brother. Most recently my children and I have been living with my sister and her family.

I have been on disability for almost two years now. I was a former housekeeper and part-time hotel operator, of a small hotel in the North Woods of Wisconsin.

I have suffered for most of my life with emotional and mental conditions such as, posttraumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorder and manic depression with obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the past, and after five years of talk therapy I am still suffering from all of these conditions.

As far as the physical disability goes I suffer from chronic pain and they tell me they are unsure exactly where I fall on the map of pain conditions. So they have put me under fibromyalgia.

When this first started I had been working as a housekeeper for two and a half years, and off and on the years before, also doing housekeeping.

In 2007 I had a lot of pain in my back, and in my legs. I noticed this some time ago, but chalked it up to being a mom and taking care of my kids. As a single mother I had to do a lot for them.

I was going to the doctors all the time. After an MRI they told me I had degenerative bone disease.

We all suffer from this from time to time; however, my case was as bad as a 65-year-old woman with the same condition.

I also had, four herniated discs, and a fracture in the lumbar section of my back.

My treatment was to have up to three or more sessions of pain shots in my back. Then follow that with a six-week course of physical therapy. Once done with that there wasn’t any other treatment for me.

I went to a pain clinic on a regular basis only to be told there was no more they could do.

Now two years later I am on disability and unable to return back to work. I cannot take pain medicine for my pain and I struggle daily to keep going.

Being disabled has caused my kids and my family to deal with minimal input from me. I have to rely on them for much of my daily routines.

I have a hard time getting in and out of bed. I cannot sit for long periods of time, nor stand for very long as well.

When going to the store for more than my basic things I need someone with me.

I can't walk long distance or through a store for too long without being in so much pain. If going to the store for more than a quick stop I have to use my cane.

I cannot work anymore so there are no attempts there. I cannot play with my kids the way I used to.

I am depressed much of my time due to my conditions. I have lost my partner of ten years due to the hardship of me depending on him for all financial security and co-parenting.

I lost my previous car due to my inability to keep up on repairs. My children and I cannot live alone and reside wherever there is room. At this point it is with my sister in a three-bedroom home.

I do not have access to other types of help due to my inability to work and for lack of credit.

I need a car to continue my therapy and go to regular appointments for my children and myself.

There are no other options for transportation for me here where I live. Public buses are not for me due to panic attacks, and anxiety issues.

My sister works and is not always available to take me where my kids or I need to go. I don't think she should have to either.

With my partner now gone, my burdens have gone to anyone who can help.

When I was able to work I did housekeeping for private homes and for hotels/motels and other hotel duties. This work is the only kind of work I have experience in.

I did not have much of a work history, as I was a high school dropout and a teen mother by the age of seventeen.

While I was applying for SSI and Social Security I went back to school to get my GED. This took a long time as I had a learning difficulty in math. After taking the test three times I finally passed in 2009.

A short time later I found out I was approved for the state SSI program. I was told my condition is not expected to improve.

I have been living on my monthly amount of $1,150.

I also have been receiving other types of help for food stamps and medical support for my children and myself.

I have tried to collect child support; however the absent father has not paid.

I feel I have exhausted all my options for further help or assistance. I am only now trying to get help with Government grants.

I'm looking for help in obtaining a car. I cannot save money to do this, as my income is not enough to save for that and pay for all other bills, and basic needs.

I have applied through my bank and was denied for lack of credit history.

I'm looking for assistance in maintaining some sense of self-dependency, whether it comes from grants, loans or simply advice.

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Oct 08, 2011
by: Ken

Hi Mandy,

I looked up a couple of things for you. First of all, there might be some way of getting support for your children. Copy and paste this into your browser:


And although you already got your vehicle problem solved, just in case it comes up again, enter these search terms in Google:

"donate your car in wisconsin"
"cars for charity"

Either one of those will take you to different sites.

You may also try a local church. Many people have older cars that may need a little work but just want a new car and won't spend the money to fix them. Maybe you can find one that just needs a little work and you could ask a mechanic for a small fee or meet one at a community meeting or church group.
Hope this is helpful. Don't give up!


Oct 07, 2011
Just got my wish!!!
by: Mandy Taber

I have waited a long time to have some help and i just got it! Thanks to the help of my sister, I got my car! Thanks to all who read my page and offered help/advice. Wishing each person on here the best and a DREAM COME TRUE!!!
Thanks again, Mandy

Sep 26, 2011
Addressing The Child Support Issue..
by: Mandy

I would like to state that though the above story makes mention of my ex-husband not paying child support, this is not an area I am too concerned with, as my ex is from an Indian Reservation.

The laws here are the same, but do not apply when the head of child support, and the DA here, is the uncle of the father who is not paying. I do not have any further actions to take as they already know where my ex lives and that he left the state while owing back child support.

I have no one to complain to about this situation as the Tribal Judge is also related to my ex-husbands family. If you have info on this matter of complaining and what to do from there I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Mandy

Sep 26, 2011
Hoping you receive the money
by: Anonymous

You still are making efforts. Stay motivated.

Sep 25, 2011
Child support
by: Ken

Hi Mandy,
Try looking at this site. Perhaps you can find some information there. Copy and paste the address in your browser. http://wilawlibrary.gov
They have some options to look at.
Good luck,

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