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33 Year Old Disabled Divorcee Seeks Grant Money For Higher Education

by Shannon L. Fletcher
(Clearfield, PA, USA)

I am a divorced single woman. I am 33 years old. I have no children yet.

After high school, I didn't go to college because I had to help my family financially.

I got married, and had the added income of my husband, but we divorced last year.

Now I am disabled, and living on a cashiers income. I can barely make ends meet, so I need higher education to help me live a normal life.

By advisement of my doctor, I am on a long term medical leave, and filing for disability.

I have complications due to long-term diabetes, I have severe depression that I am working on through my psychologist and I have progressive neuropathy in my feet.

I also have scoliosis in my back that between that, and my feet, make it hard to stand for 8 hours a day, Sit down jobs in my town, are few and far between, and always require further education.

I am on an extended medical leave at my doctor's request.

I have so very little money coming in, that, by the time I pay my car payment, and pick up my prescriptions, I have no money left for myself.

I've had to get food stamps just to have food.

I have worked full time since I was 16. But this year my health has declined due to long term complications due to diabetes.

I have tried to work through it for the past year, but now I am told to get a sit down job or not work at all.

I collect a very small short turn disability check that barely pays any of my bills. I am currently filing for disability.

I don't know how long before that will ever come through, and I want to go back to work, but I want to go to school to get a degree so I have more job options to fit with my disability.

So I am asking for any grants that are out there to make my dream come true to go college.

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