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33 Year Old RA Disabled Woman Seeks Grant Money To Repay School Debt

by Erica
(Buffalo, MN, USA)

I'm a single, 33-year-old woman. I've never been married and have no children. Currently I live with my parents.

They've been supporting me financially. They've also been helping with my physical care since I've become quite ill.

I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 25. It took years and numerous medications to diagnose and treat.

In 2010 I was declared disabled, and now receive SSDI. At this time the disease is still not under control, and has caused major damage to the cartilage in both ankle joints.

I recently had a joint in my left ankle fused because of this. And I'll need to have the same surgery done in the right ankle eventually.

Up until the last two years, I was able to work full time despite my arthritis. Eventually my disease became so severe that I had to stop working.

At this time I gave up my apartment, car, cell phone, Internet, and all personal bill payments.

My parents provide me with a place to live and the basics. Now that I receive SSDI, I can buy my own food and basic necessities.

However, I am unable to make payments on any of my past debts. These include school loans, a car loan and a small about of credit card debt.

I'm seeking financial help for this debt.

Currently I'm unable to work outside the home in any way. I receive an SSDI check monthly; however this only covers current living costs.

I'm looking for a way to pay off past debt. I'm willing, and in fact eager to work as soon as my arthritis has calmed and my surgery complete.

Unfortunately this may not be for some time. In the meantime, my credit, which was once in good standing, continues to diminish.

I'm looking for a grant. This money would be to cover the cost of past due debt on my part. The majority of this debt is a school loan.

I received a certificate in French Pastry Arts with this loan money. Today it would be impossible for me to employ myself as a pastry chef, as I'm not able to stand on my feet for any length of time.

Other portions of the debt include a car loan and credit card debt. The total debt is around $24,000.

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May 15, 2018
Student Loan
by: Jennifer

Depending on the source of the student loan, you may be able to get a permanent deferment on your loan because of permanent SSDI disability. Contact the lender to see if this is an option.

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