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34 Year Old Seizure Disabled Woman Seeking Debt Relief To Help Family

by Melissa
(Devils Lake, North Dakota, USA)

Hi. I am a married mother of a 10-year-old ADHD son for whom I am the primary caregiver.

Since my teens I have had a seizure disorder that has gotten progressively worse into adulthood.

I take several medications each day to keep my seizures stable, but I still have 3 to 4 seizures a week.

Unluckily, that is plenty of reason for the state to suspend my driver's license.

Money is our toughest issue. I was "removed" from SSI over 2 years ago for being "over income" with my husband's paychecks.

We actually need added income. Losing SSI and my insurance hurt us a great deal financially.

Working at 60 hours at week, my husband's income just meets our bills. So we are finding ourselves sliding slowing into medical and credit card debt.

We actually even took out a second mortgage to pay off our car, so the payments would be cheaper each month.

I was lucky enough to get on my husband's health policy at work. Being uninsured was a serious worry for a while.

I need to travel a long distance to see my seizure doctor twice each year. It's a bit annoying, but I trust this doctor well. So it's worth the trip.

My job needs are pretty specific. Work at home with flex hours, according to my Doctor. It's not a job that's easy to find in a rural area.

I already know where I stand with SSI for both my son and myself. No sense in fighting it. I already have.

I'm trying to look for disability grants to help get my family out of the hole with the medical bills and credit cards. That way our budget has some breathing room while I job hunt.

My husband and I have discussed something about a business. It's always been something we've both wanted to do, but we want to get out of our debt first.

We haven't really done much more than discuss. But we've decided that it would be a teen club. It would include TVs, video games, dartboards, pool tables, snack bar and Internet cafe.

It would be somewhere safe in town that the kids could hang out without their parents worrying. As a parent myself, this is a subject of concern to me.

We don't have any facts or figures written down anywhere. This was just a brainstorm between my husband and myself.

It's almost shocking that despite all of this, I have managed to keep my faith. A lot of people may be embittered by such a long, tedious test. But I've managed not to be.

That's something I pride myself in. God provides to those who need. I believe that and I believe in Him and the goodness of the human spirit.

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