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35 Year Old Disabled Mom Needs Grant Money To Keep Jewelry Business Strong

by Mandy (Jett) Watts
(Lawrenceburg, TN, USA)

My reasons for trying and living!

My reasons for trying and living!

I am 35 years old and have been living with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) my entire life.

The problem was that for years, the medical community had no idea what POTS was, so I was treated for everything else, and many of the treatments made my condition worse.

About three years ago I finally found a doctor who knew of POTS and how to diagnose it. He has been a Godsend.

He'S done everything he can to relieve as many of the symptoms as possible and help me adjust, but unfortunately, in October 2008 my condition reached the point I couldn't hold a job any longer.

We had realized that was a possibility months before, and I had started looking at my options then. Of course, I could apply for disability, and I have, but we all know how long that can take.

Besides, what will that truly allow me to accomplish or leave behind for my children? So, the kids and I started a small business. We specialize in gift baskets, handmade jewelry, and natural products.

We have seen it could be successful if we had the tools to do it right, and one of the tools we need is actually one of the basics people take for granted every day, electricity.

We fill orders from home, and our landlady has been nice enough to cut us some slack on the rent, but the power company has not been so kind. Our bills are running around $1000 per month, and with no real income for so long, the power has been cut off more than it has been on.

It's impossible to run a business successfully or a household without power. DCS has been riding me about it, and everyone keeps telling me to move to government housing, etc. etc.

Why should I have to do that? My landlady is counting my rent toward the purchase of the home and we have been here for over five years. It's a nice home, the kids all have their own rooms, a yard to play in, a garden, and they know everyone in the neighborhood.

Why should we have to lose everything just because things are rough at this moment due to an illness I couldn't prevent, especially when I worked since I was 13 years old! It hurts and it's not fair!!

The power company won't work with us, and they are coming to disconnect it again tomorrow, but I don't want to depend on disability or welfare for the rest of my life!

I have done some checking on areas where there are more opportunities for my kids, more opportunities for me to find work my body can handle, where my business could thrive, and where they have better POTS programs so one day maybe it won't disable me.

I have found a wonderful town that fits all of those things. Our plan is to try to save the power and build the business here until we decide to stay or sell the house and move, but right now moving just isn't an option.

I desperately need help to pay this power, catch everything up, and build this business right. To accomplish this all together we need about $25,000. Just to save the power tomorrow is $850, which might as well be a million right now.

We would be so eternally grateful for any help we could get financially or grant wise, and we would use it to create a second chance and fresh start, to really build something, and not be dependant on welfare forever.

I would also appreciate it if people just spread the word about POTS and learned a little about it. It is still fairly rare and unknown, even in many areas of the medical community; so many patients are suffering needlessly.

Thank So Much!

Mandy Watts

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