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35 Year Old MS Disabled Single Mother Of Two Daughters Seeks Debt Relief

by Carrie
(Rock Springs, Wyoming, USA)

I'm a 35-year-old single mother of two teenage daughters. I left a very abusive marriage several months ago.

While married my ex-husband said to me that I needed not to work and he would take care of things. He was in charge of all the finances and bank accounts.

Without my knowledge and me assuming everything financially was being taken care of, I found out when I left that nothing was actually being taken care of.

The mortgage was three months behind. My doctor bills and credit card bills were untouched. My car payments had not been made for three months, and his vehicle had got repossessed

We were together over six years, then married for over a year. I finally got out, but it has been so hard financially and emotionally.

I had to file a protection order because he would not leave my girls and me alone. He slashed three of the tires on my car at the second job I had at the time. They had to let me go because of all the drama that seemed to follow me when I worked there.

I have been working two jobs, one on Tuesdays 9-6 and the rest of the week selling vehicles at a car dealership 9-7, leaving me Sundays off to catch up on sleep and the house, and it is still hard to pay the bills.

I have been fighting for child support for 12 years from my first husband, the father of the girls. Every time the state finds him he quits his job and is nowhere to be found for a while.

I was just informed that my children's father has been in and out of jail since 2009, and is now up on felony charges for armed robbery and aggravated assault.

He'll most likely be going to prison and I'll never see a dime of child support.

It is extremely difficult to keep my head up. There are so many rules for qualifying for state help. If you make a dime over what the maximum income is for food assistance you do not eat.

I have M.S. and do not receive insurance because I could not afford Cobra. I did not work for a year when I got married.

Now that I am on my own again with the girls, the insurance companies consider me pre-existing and uninsurable.

My family tries to help me out as much as possible, which I appreciate greatly, but I am so frustrated and finding myself getting very depressed when it comes to the bills and trying to get some child support.

I want so bad to stay healthy and work hard for my girls, but it is hard sometimes. I was just wondering if there was any help out there for my kids and our future.

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