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36 Year Old Accident Disabled Nearly Single Mom Seeks Accessible Van Help

by Alicia Webster
(Colonial Heights, VA, USA)

I am a 36-year-old accident disabled married mother of two children. I'm about to divorce and become a single mom.

I have a lot of family because of my being adopted and have a good relationship with both my adopted and biological family.

I also have a good relationship with my stepfather and his family. Family is a very important thing to me and offers a lot of support.

My disability is that I am paralyzed from the middle of my breast line down. My disability is referred to as paraplegia.

I am injured at the T-4 level on my spine which is about the middle of the breast line. I was injured in a car accident on March 21, 2007.

My disability is considered complete in the fact that there is no way for me to regain the use of my legs and the rest of my body that I have no control over.

The way it has evolved is that I used to be able to sit up straight but now I have to have a special seat back for my wheelchair.

I have trouble with my nerve pain more than ever. I have had to have a device implanted to help control the pain in my legs.

My medicines have had to be changed or added to over the years.

I had to go to a rehab center to help rebuild the strength I had built up when I was originally in the hospital. I will probably have to do that periodically over the years to help maintain my strength.

My financial hardship is that I only get $674 a month in SSI.

I have Medicaid for my medicines and doctors appointments. But I don't have enough money to move out of my husband's grandmother's home.

I have a van that I could use if it worked properly. It needs too much work for me to be able to afford.

I want to drive but can't use my van because my lift won't support my power chair and the power seat is broken.

When I want to go to the mall or to the library I must ask my husband or see if my aide could do it if she has a car I can get in or out of.

I have looked into working but transportation would be an issue. I would love to work away from home but there are a lot of factors that would make it difficult.

I am currently looking for a way to make money from home. I do currently get $674 in SSDI is what I believe it is I'm not sure.

I don't get any other money than that a month. My husband does not share his income with me at all.

If I need some things or want stuff I have to get it or do without. I don't receive any donations and grants or anything else.

I need whatever benefits I am qualified for and a grant. I will also be open to getting advice on how to go about getting things for my daughter and myself.

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