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36 Year Old Cystic Fibrosis Disabled Man Seeks Grant To Keep Home And Business

by Robert Davis
(Waynesboro, PA, USA)

My name is Robert Davis and I'm a 36-year-old man living with cystic fibrosis. I am currently in the evaluation stage of a double lung transplant.

I was wondering if any help would be available for me. I'm looking for a government grant to help me save my home and business.

I am on disability but have fallen behind on my personal bills. I'm also very close to losing my business. My wife is also on disability.

My condition requires me to do at least three breathing treatments a day followed by 20 minutes of physical therapy after each treatment, along with a very long list of medications to fight infection, breathing problems and maintaining weight.

I have lost 70% of my lung function and currently weigh 105 pounds. So far the evaluation is looking good. My doctors are saying I'm a great candidate.

I am struggling to keep my business going but I have been forced to cut back the hours I can work. I have a billiard room / restaurant.

I have been open almost three years but the last year was unable to open very much due to being sick.

I had to be on I.V. antibiotics two times for a three-week period each time followed by physical therapy.

The billiard room is the nicest place in our town. We have 15 pool tables with a full kitchen offering great food to our patrons.

We are a non-smoking/no alcohol facility geared to teenagers and couples looking for a nice clean place to go.

I currently owe around $65,000 on my business loan and $35,000 on our mortgage, along with credit card debt etc.

I have worked very hard the last 20 years to realize my dream of having a nice billiard room. I would hate to lose my home or business before my transplant.

My doctors expect I'll do very well. I am lucky to have a great team of doctors from John Hopkins working with me.

The bank is very close to foreclosing. Please let me know if anyone can help. Thank you very much.

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