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36 year old Disabled Mom Seeks Work At home And Grant Help To Stay Afloat

by Angie
(Kansas City, Kansas, USA)

As I think where to begin, I guess I should start at the beginning. I am a 36-year-old woman that used to be full of life.

I have two wonderful boys, and a great husband. They have had to travel this long and dark road with me.

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It all started five years ago when I went for a routine gynecological checkup. It was anything but. I was told I had a prolapsed uterus, and that it would be in my best interest to have a hysterectomy, since I was not wanting any more children.

I was shocked to hear those words. I left the office a little stunned. I went home to my husband and explained what the doctor had said. He said I must have been mistaken and we made a second appointment to go in together to sit down and discuss this with the doctor.

The doctor explained it all again with his dry erase board and fancy words. He was very comforting and had wonderful bedside manners. We felt "safe" with him.

I should have known something was weird when he came back and said "Well, it looks like I just had a cancellation and can get you in tomorrow morning first thing for the surgery."

Really? That soon?

Well, it needed to be done, so we took the surgery time and were off to take care of the last minute details.

Surgery time arrived and what should have been an in and out procedure turned into the beginning of my life of hell.

I went from an outpatient surgery to a five-day stay in the hospital and a blood transfusion that required two units of blood.

They came back to me and told me that, after three days of being in there, if I didn't have the transfusion I would die.

They said that I must have something wrong with me that I didn't inform them about and it was my fault.

I had a pancake of blood in my stomach and I was as huge as a person having twins. I was bruised and swollen.

They finally got my blood pressure up and I was able to come home. I still had faith in this doctor and all his bedside charm.

Eight months later, I developed a cyst on the one ovary I had left. Yes they only did a partial during all that hell I went through.

They tried birth control pills for one month. The cyst did not shrink. The doctor said, "We will have to go in and remove the cyst. If it's bad we may have to take the ovary."

I still had faith in this man. So I let him do it. He sent me to a completely different hospital and gave me something to thicken my blood. Then he did the surgery.

This time I did not bleed out and was able to go home. I really felt this doctor had my best health in mind.

He took me in after hours and did cauterizations for my bleeding when I called with urgent bleeding issues. When I called about my stitches he brought me in to take them out after hours.

Then he put me on 4 mg of estrogen. I did not know he was giving me a potion that could kill me being that when they did the surgery they found that not only did I have a cyst, but also my organs were covered with endometriosis.

And now I have also learned that 4 mg of estrogen is breast cancer waiting to happen. But I thought he was a good doctor with all the best care in mind for me.

Since the surgery, the only thing I've done is gain weight and I have had nothing but health problems.

I have had my blood tested for any kinds of problems that would have came up during surgery and everything is negative.

I have been trying to get my life back to normal since that surgery. No such luck. I was in school before that surgery and had to drop out.

I am no longer able to work due to my many health issues. I am dealing with fibromyalgia, spondylosis, arthritis, depression and anxiety.

I used to be vibrant and full of life. I now have to struggle to get myself going each and every day.

I have been fighting for my SSDI for three years. I have had no luck. I do not understand what the problem is with the whole Social Security system.

It is crazy. I have five doctors now that have been on my side and they still have denied me.

I also have recently been diagnosed with more stuff having to do with my spine and neck. They still are not giving me an inch. So now I have to lose my home and food?

My therapist has already told me there is no way I can work outside of the home. I want to work. My body just will not allow me.

My husband is trying to keep us all afloat. He is a very hard worker. He is having a hard time right now. He just got laid off from his job and we now have lost our health insurance.

We fear losing everything. We are just looking for a way to make it. I know I seem to be asking for the moon, but my dreams are ordinary:

- a job from home
- a job for my husband
- be able to provide for the kids
- get our house repaired
- be able to repair our vehicles

I just happened to stumble across this website and I figured maybe just maybe, it was a sign during all of our hardship right now.

I guess we shall see. It can't hurt to put my story out there. If it can't help me, maybe it can help others.

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