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37 Year Old Blind Woman Seeks Grant Help For Self And To Stem Disabled Abuse

by Lucia
(New Bedford, MA, USA)

Me with my husband

Me with my husband

I am a 37-year-old female that is totally blind and married.

I am looking for help financially where I no longer have to rely on SSI and be abused by the caseworkers that are supposed to help you.

My official disability status is incorrect because it says that I am legally blind and can see shadows and that is not true.

The truth is I was born 3 months prematurely and my retina is totally burnt therefore I will be totally blind for the rest of my life.

In fighting to get my SSI, I have suffered mental, emotional, and physical abuse, therefore my disability has evolved all of my nerves are damaged and I am in a wheelchair.

I have spent the past 3 years since I have been married fighting with my husband to get my SSI. I just started getting it again after it was taken away.

When I was working on getting my education I asked the college to have stuff placed in Braille and they said no because it costs too much money.

They asked me to leave because it was best and it was not an option for a blind person.

With all this occurring my husband and I are over $60,000 in debt. My insurance has been cut and my husband has no insurance.

We have no money for the equipment, medication or doctor visits needed for my disability as it is evolving.

Since our credit is bad we can't get a car.

We would like to live in a house of our own but with our credit being bad we can't get a loan.

We have been denied food stamps because they feel that we make enough with the SSI income.

We have tried to get other help by looking for grants, donations, loans, and trying to find any help we could get.

We are looking for grants to get a car, house, food, and all our basic needs met. Plus we need to get our medical needs met.

Hopefully we'll get grants for continuing our education since being robbed of that opportunity.

We would like to start a business that will help others through hardships like we have gone through. We'd like to make sure others who are entitled to benefits will receive their benefits and not be abused in doing so.

We want to be a global voice for the disabled population, putting an end to bullying, racism, discrimination, hatred, abuse of all types, bringing all scammers to justice, and an end to identity theft.

We would like to purchase a building for conferences and events to increase awareness of these issues. We want to help people lead an abuse-free life.

Everything we are doing to get our businesses done is whatever we can do for free or within our budget means.

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Sep 23, 2011
by: Ken

Hi Lucia,
Abuse is a very harsh word to use, unless it is real. In any case, I would think about calling a disability lawyer and explaining what is going on. Many of these lawyers know about this type of treatment; that is their expertise. If you have any proof of abuse let them know, and have your husband with you. You may have to sign some papers letting him sit in on private matters. I have had to do that with my wife, as she has disabilities as well.
Good luck,

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