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37 Year Old Disabled Army Infantry Veteran Seeks Grant Money For Medical Debt

by Roger
(Titusville, FL, USA)

I am 37-year-old veteran of the Army Infantry. I was stationed in Korea and Kansas. My wife and I have a four-year-old daughter.

In 1998 I had 3 disks in my lower back. In 2002 I had back surgery where they didn't space the disks right and I had a long recovery.

Because of the long recovery I have extensive scar tissue that is wrapped around my spine like concrete.

With this and narrow spacings of the disks they impinge on all the nerves going to my legs.

Not only do I have to deal with the pain in my back, legs, knees and feet, but I have trouble walking and tend to fall a lot.

Since all this has happened I have struggled to work. I was told on several occasions that I was turned down for 100% from VA because of my age.

With struggling to work my disabilities have gotten worse.

Now I am on a regimen of different painkillers, nerve blockers, and muscle relaxers that all make it difficult to pay attention and think straight.

My wife and I have lost our house moved probably five times in the past 4 years (staying with family a lot).

Because of my disability, my wife can only work a couple of nights a week due to having to take care of our daughter and myself.

I have had part-time jobs on and off for the past 6 years and have recently received SSI (for which I was turned down before).

I have been fighting VA since 1999 for my 100% or unemployability.

The VA continues to refuse, even though my comp and pension exams have showed and the doctors have said that I am totally disabled.

I have recently acquired a lawyer to help with VA but it has been almost a year with no action.

I have been in contact with my Senator also receiving no action.

I am currently living in a home owned by a friend of the family that is being foreclosed on.

When this happens I don't know where we are going to live that we can afford.

I would like to find a grant to help buy a house for my family and me.

I would also like help to see if I can get VA to give me 100% disability as soon as possible.

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