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38 Year Old Cancer Surviving Mom And Wife Seeks Help Getting Back To Life

by Laurie Morris
(Springfield, Oregon, USA)

I am a 38-year-old mother of five beautiful children and a wife of 20 years to the most amazing friend in the world.

Many told me, "Getting married at 18 is a risk." Others said, "It will never work." I didn't care what they said. I had met my soul mate and together we could get through anything.

My husband and I decided early on that he would get his education first for he was a few years older than I and I had always wanted to be home if we were to have children.

This worked out great for us. His job supported us perfectly for many years and we welcomed four beautiful babies into the world.

When my husband got hurt at work, the doctor told us that it would not be too difficult of a surgery and that he should be back to work within 6 weeks.

We were relieved at the news. We didn't realize at the time that the truth could be no more the opposite.

After a proposed two-hour surgery had turned into four hours, I began to worry. But I was never so worried as I was when I saw my husband in the recovery room.

I knew something was very wrong. If only the doctors had listened to me. Instead, after 8 hours of lying in recovery with this test and that going on, the blood that had been building inside of his abdomen from the cut artery blew apart his abdomen and groin region.

It was a miracle he made it. There were many days of life support. He ended up with a lifetime disability. Our family life changed forever.

I knew immediately that I had to get back to school. I had played with getting a degree here and there in the past but knew now that it was up to me to get a degree and make our lives comfortable once again.

I could not believe how easy school was going for me. My grades were mostly As and I was completing work without too much struggle.

I was so thankful for this because my new responsibilities at home started weighing heavily on me. This new position had begun taking its toll.

Nearing completion of my AAOT degree, I began to notice that classes seemed tiring and sometimes I could not finish simple tasks.

I didn't understand, but I didn't give up. I kept going to school, but I also decided to go to the doctor for I had just not been feeling "right."

The words, "You've got cancer" will never cease repeating in my head. I couldn't have cancer, I had too much to do, a family to take care of and a degree to finish. I couldn't have cancer, but I did.

After surgery, things were really tough. The treatments and pain were masking my every thought and move. I almost felt defeated at times.

Then I came to a realization that I was alive. I was fighting this cancer to win, and I had to, "Get Back to Life."

I was so excited when I got the release from my doctor to go back to school. I only had three terms left and I would have my AAOT degree, then I could move on to the University and obtain my Bachelors in Speech Pathology.

Ironically enough this career path had been my choice before my cancer, but now I know even stronger it is where I belonged. Many people touched with the cancer I have are affected in their speech and ability to swallow. I can help and I am ready.

I am a mother of five beautiful children and a wife of 20 years to the most amazing friend in the world.

I am a 3.8 GPA Student who needs help in funding a portion of schooling so that I may complete the goals I have made for my life.

I am a cancer patient who has been gifted with life to realize my goals and use them to help others who have been touched by this horrible disease.

I am ready and I need your help.

Thank you for listening, and thank you for helping my journey at getting back to life.

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