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38 Year Old Single Mother And Student Seeks Grant Money To Continue Studies

by Vanessa Noyes
(Mount Washington, Kentucky, USA)

I have worked as long as I can remember. I started off as a clerk behind a register at the local ice cream shop at 14 years old.

Eventually I found myself working for a local non-profit agency as a receptionist. With a lot of hard work, determination and on the job education, I worked myself through the ranks and became the co-supervisor at one of the satellite offices.

I continued working at this organization for 12 years. I learned a lot with them and grew up along the way. However, I was not doing what made me happy and I was also not really making a lot of money.

As I got older I realized that I controlled my life and needed to make some changes so that I could live on my own and care for my young child without child support from the absent father and without the constant worry of living check to check.

Because I couldn't keep up with school and work at this agency due to conflicting schedules, I gave notice. I found another job with a more flexible schedule that was conducive to education and work.

I started my new job in February 2009 and in March 2009 enrolled in school to study radiology. I chose this field so I could work with the public, in a growing field with good future job opportunities, and earn an income that would allow me to care for my child and provide him with a college education when the time came.

I started school in March 2009. I worked full time from 8-4 Monday-Friday and went to school Monday-Thursday from 6-10. I never saw my son and it broke my heart but I did it so our lives would be better.

This worked until recently. I am enrolled in a medical education program, which requires a lot of clinical hours to be logged. These clinical hours are required to be done during day shift. I was forced to quit my job or quit school because of the conflict in hours.

So, now I am a full time student, unemployed and my attempt at bettering myself has become pretty scary. I am not eligible for unemployment because I quit my job, my child's father refuses to pay child support despite many court attempts.

I live alone with my son and am so scared that we are close to being homeless. After quitting my job I used every penny to pay my bills in advance with my tax money, but that has run out.

July 1st is doomsday -- no more money. My school schedule is increasing and they even recommend that students not work during this upcoming period because of the intensity.

So, I plead with anyone and everyone, please offer suggestions or grant ideas to help me get by.

I am scared. I know that becoming a better person, and having a grand plan for my future is important, but it has become very scary and caused me pause about my decision.

Giving up now doesn't seem fathomable, but I need help. I appreciate any and all posts. Thank you all in advance and God Bless.

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