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39 Year Old CP Disabled Woman Seeks Grant Money For Home And Car

by Andrea Autry
(Batesburg, SC, USA)

I am 39 years old and I have lived with my mother and father all my life.

I am the second of six children. I have one brother and five sisters. I live with my parents while all the other siblings have married or live on their own.

I am a female that can only walk with a walker. It is very hard to understand my speech as I slur my words when I talk.

I was born with cerebral palsy, which was not diagnosed until I was three years old.

When I was born the doctors said I needed to be put on Phenobarbitals for one and a half years. I slept a lot.

My cerebral palsy requires that I now take baclofen, which I receive every month through a needle in my abdomen, where I had a pump surgically placed.

I do receive social security from my father's social security, as does my mother. This is what we live on along with my father's small pension.

My father built a ramp so that I can get into the mobile home we live in, but it is deteriorating and will need to be replaced soon.

I have a lot of difficulty getting in my mothers car, as it is hard to walk and pull myself up into her SUV vehicle.

I tried to work when I was younger but no one will hire me. So I volunteered at the nursing home in town.

I washed sheets and folded them for no pay. After working there for two years they still would not pay me anything so I quit and have not had a job since.

I am looking for grants for housing and for an automobile that is handicapped accessible.

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