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39 Year Old Needs Government Grant For Medical Problems After Hospital Procedure

by Chris Valdez
(Lafayette, OR, USA)

I'm a 39-year-old male. In the year 2000, I went through some health issues, which were for most part taken care of. I was then sent to a state-run hospital for an arteriogram.

While I was being injected with anesthetic, I was struck in the femoral artery with the needle. As I was recovering in the recovery room, I could tell something was wrong.

I left there that day with bruising and extreme pain. I ended up leaving the hospital with a chronic pain disorder in my leg due to the needle known as RSD (Reflex sympathetic dystrophy).

I'm in constant pain and have mottled-looking skin sensitive to heat and cold. Also due to a botched arteriogram, I ended up having my right leg amputated below the knee.

I'm very passive so I would have let it go and learned to deal with it. But as the bills kept piling up and myself no longer able to go back to my job as concrete construction worker, I didn't know what to do.

So I asked a few attorneys if I had a case for malpractice. The vascular surgeon who performed the amputation said it was the hospitals fault. He then later retracted his statement after he found out I was going to pursue a lawsuit.

As for the rest of the attorneys, once they heard what hospital I was going after, they all turned me down. The statute of limitations ran out after only six months.

What I am wanting is a grant to buy my first home ever. What keeps my mind off my pain is working in the yard. Only problem is, I'm just renting and making someone else's yard nice.

For once I would like to have a home of my own. I've never asked anybody for anything and I'm always there to help out when I can.

Maybe it's time for once I ask for help. Please consider me. If not, thanks for your time anyways. Thank you. Chris Valdez

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Oct 22, 2009
I understand where you are at.
by: Teresa Theodore

I also have CRSD in my left leg and foot after being run over by a car trailer. I am in a support group for CRSD. With this being very rare we have to fight for help. I wish you the best.

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