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39-Year-Old Disabled Army Veteran Seeking Transportation/Housing Grant

by Mike
(Chippewa Falls, WI, USA)

I'm an Army veteran who was injured on active duty during the Gulf War. I'm looking for some government grant money to help with transportation and housing.

My situation is this. I broke my pelvis and have lower back injuries as well. I was treated and discharged medically.

I have been a working, tax-paying citizen most of my adult life. I'm rated as a 100% disabled veteran, yet Social Security says I'm not disabled.

I have appealed and re-appealed 5 times and over 7 years I fought it and have been turned down. Now the law has changed and they told me it's been too long and I no longer qualify for benefits!

The extra $1000 a month in benefits would have changed my life! I have tons of debt due to child support and medical, plus the usual other debt.

I can only dream of ever owning a home, and getting out of debt. Heck, I can't even afford to file for bankruptcy.

In the past two years my legs have given out so many times, I have to time driving because of it.

I have had to rely on my wheelchair to get around. I just cannot afford a Handicap equipped van.

A government transportation grant for a vehicle would make me reliably mobile to at least work part time and be productive.

As for a government housing grant, I would love to live in a house where I could actually get around in my wheelchair.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated! Thank you, Michael Hauck

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May 04, 2010
Housing Grant
by: Katina from Accessible.org

Congratulations on making the effort to submit your story to Accessible.org. With the publication of your story, you are now well on your way to:

1. Getting your story known to a wide audience that could help you.

2. Getting your story polished up and presentable so you can submit it elsewhere, including the White House.

As a disabled person myself, I can sympathize with your situation and I definitely understand your need for help.

I've done a bit of research and found these resources for you:

HSR&D Home http://www.hsrd.research.va.gov/

Others reading your story may be able to contribute more.

In any case, please let us know if they've been helpful to you.

Katina from Accessible.org

Good luck!

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