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40 Year Old Bipolar Disabled Wife Seeks Grant For Home And Vehicle

by Mary
(Fort Worth, TX, USA)

My name is Mary. I am 40 years old, bipolar and married with two boys and a girl.

Our daughter lives with her mom and our oldest son is married with a daughter of his own. We have our one son with us who is in his last year of High School.

My aunt also has been living with us for the last two years. She is on Dialysis and since being with us she has had a few strokes and heart attacks.

I really can't say how long I've been bipolar, but I was diagnosed in 2008, two years after being treated for attempting to commit suicide.

Since being diagnosed as bipolar I have gone through changes of seeing shadows to hearing voices. My doctor says working is out the question. I am said to have manic days and depressed days, in short bipolar.

I started taking more medication once my family lost our home back in St. Louis MO and moved here to Texas.

We have been here now for four years and it has been hard. My husband is the sole breadwinner here and he has lost several jobs and was denied unemployment.

We have one car so when I get sick he has to take time off for me and our son who has to be driven to school and back.

So that means taking time off from work, which led to low money on paychecks and then termination for attendance.

I tried selling Avon for income but it didn't work out for me. I even tried to do work from home but was told that my credit is too bad.

We have gotten loans (payday) and that put us in deeper debt. My husband has now found another job.

I do get SSI but that has been cut down thus far.

I am looking for a grant that will help us to buy us a home to call our own.

I would love to buy a bed that is comfortable like a nice Tempur-Pedic bed.

It would also be nice to have another car so my husband won't have to take off work all the time. I do have my license to drive.

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