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40 Year Old Disabled Female And Sister Seek Government Housing Grant

by Delilah Avila
(Corona, CA, USA)

I have been battling a disease called Reflex Sympathetic dystrophy for the past 11 years.

It is a painful disease that causes severe changes in your personal life, health, lifestyle, and you become totally disabled.

My sister, Lisa, is my caregiver, and also disabled. She is a rape victim, and has been going through so much herself, but the only employment she can do is take care of me.

My disability is physical; hers is mental. She has a service dog, which helps with her depression.

We have been battling our finances for so long. We have appealed to relatives, who have not helped us.

We were illegally evicted last year from the apartment complex we lived at. At the new complex where we live, the manager is a slumlord. He doesn't make any repairs, and he violates our disability rights.

He recently served us with an unlawful detainer, because we withheld the rent, due to him not carrying out our work orders since we moved in on June 4, 2010.

He lied to housing and said we always paid late, and didn't pay enough. That is not true. We have had to borrow from Peter to pay Paul.

It has been very hard for us financially. We sometimes struggle paying our bills, our truck payment, food, utility bills and so forth.

We know there are a lot of programs for us to help us, but the people are so rude at some we have contacted.

For example, when we were illegally evicted, we contacted housing right away but they made us wait two weeks before they said we were approved.

Then just because a friend of ours took us in, the housing changed their minds, so we were not approved.

We had to borrow money to move to this new place, that we gave our 30-day notice to leave by June 4, 2011.

All this stress just worsens our disabilities. On top of having this disease I also have a bad back that requires surgery, but due to the diabetes I have I need to lose weight.

I also have an implanted pain pump in my body. The doctor has my dose of morphine so high that I am constantly sleepy all the time.

My poor sister was having severe stomach problems. A doctor took out her gallbladder without her consent, instead of taking the hernia she had.

She went through the medical board and basically the doctor just got a letter of reprimand and there were two other complaints against her too.

My sister and I wanted to start our own business with her service dog, going to hospitals and visiting people, because she has her certification for therapy, and service.

We are in desperate need of help with our bills, truck payment, rent and medical bills. Workers Compensation is not paying for some of the medication I need, and now I am going through withdrawals.

We need to find a new place to live, by June 4. My sister and I have a lot of faith in God, for him to send the help we need.

We even contacted KTLA Elizabeth Espinosa, on the Channel 5 News, and left her several messages and emails, but we still haven't heard from her.

We have tried to get the help we needed, but people can be so rude, and are not willing to help. I hope this story does help, because we need help.

Thank you and God Bless. I look forward to someone helping us or pointing us in the right direction, instead of giving us the runaround. Delilah Avila, disabled

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