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40 Year Old Disabled Man Seeks Online Startup Business Grant Funding

by Gregory
(Huntsville, AL, USA)

I am a 40-year-old black male looking for online startup business grant funding.

Living in the south, I was born to a military family and raised as such. This environment differed from the southern community surrounding the families' final duty station.

I have two siblings, an older brother and a younger sister. There ages are 49 and 39.

Both of my parents are still alive, my dad 69 and my mother 65. My parents raised us in a strict discipline environment.

I have never been married but I have two teenage daughters, both to the same woman.

I have lived a conventional life having graduated high school with an advanced diploma in 1989 and attended college at Alabama A&M University.

Upon dropping out of college my junior year, I bounced around various jobs looking for the light to come on. After several years I returned to A&M and received a bachelor's degree in Mathematics.

Having completed degree work I found stable employment in the medical field where I engaged for 6 years.

While employed in the medical field I reached the position of supervisor in my department and pursued a second bachelor's degree from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in Mechanical Engineering.

Today I have completed all but 12 hours of credit work. My work history, a degree in mathematics, work in the medical field, and the pursuit of a second bachelor's all gave valuable experience toward eventually turning the light on for me.

I am a calculating man who moves with precise calculated steps on his journey through life. I give all the praise to God and strive each day to reach his kingdom.

I have a mental illness, as I am schizophrenic. I suffer from anxiety attacks, which lead to manic behavior. I suffer from depression, hallucinations and hearing voices.

Upon dropping out of A&M I fell into some trouble with the law, causing me to become a mental mess.

The ridiculing and personal threats put me in a state of mental distress resulting in depression and an overwhelming feeling of guilt for the legal mistake I had made.

Suffering, I returned to Alabama A&M to complete my degree work were the analytical thinking of mathematics, feeling of guilt, depression, and coming face to face with my mental distress caused me to undergo a psychotic episode.

This sent me to the hospital to be treated for my illness and to be diagnosed mentally ill.

Today I have managed to manage my illness through medications, knowing my triggers and group therapy.

I maintain a stabilized lifestyle controlled through limitations. Officially I have been declared permanently and totally disabled.

Financially life has been challenging having lost my job and currently living on SSDI. To manage month to month, I have to carefully calculate bills such as rent, utilities, groceries, prescription drugs, household needs and everyday spending.

It takes a lot of juggling and some robbing Peter to pay Paul to insure the monthly bills and necessities are all taken care of. Thankfully, SSDI and the help from entitlement programs have afforded me the ability to survive.

Section 8, food stamps and Medicare all supplement my monthly income to sustain a way of living based on the necessities.

Life is good, but "living" living is a struggle. Every aspect of living involves finances and living with the lot I was drawn.

As you will see, this is why I'm looking for online startup business grant funding to build my own income security.

For 6 years I was employed at Huntsville Hospital in the radiology department as a radiology tech assistant.

It was a fast paced working environment and a challenging mental rollercoaster ride for me.

I had to deal with patients of various communities, on the job politics and the overwhelming responsibilities of supervising.

All this triggered anxiety issues and made me depressed each day throughout and upon completions of my shift.

I had just been diagnosed with my illness and had returned to the work force as soon as I could.

With a lot of outpatient therapy, counseling and doctor evaluations still ahead of me I proceeded to work and deal with my symptoms.

Eventually my work performance began to suffer resulting in the loss of my job. Following the loss of my job, I attempted to find work in a less stressful environment turning up no results after a six-month search.

I filed for disability and was approved. SS offers a "ticket to work" program, which allows the disabled to find work conducive to ones' disability, which I proceed to pursue.

But this has only resulted in a 2-year wait with no leads. Finding a more conducive work environment to gain meaningful employment has been difficult giving more way to the light finally coming on.

Currently I am seeking a grant to support a business idea shown to me in the light. With my education and life experience, I have come up with an idea for which I need financial support to bring this idea to pass.

I could move forward with online startup business grant funding that covers equipment cost, including hardware and software, legal representation and a few other minor necessities to get started.

I feel this would allow me the opportunity to a successful financial future giving all due respect along the way.

With the use of the Internet, I would like to incorporate myself and begin selling thoughts, ideas and concepts developed from 40 years of my life.

The projected initial cost is $2192 and sales projected at $2.99 per thought. I would be selling life experiences as a guide to everyday and not so everyday issues.

It would include a daily blog to discuss these same issues and promote my thoughts, ideas and concepts. My target market would be that of the social network via the Internet.

Managing and controlling everything by myself, I would eventually partner with selected services of other forms of mass media.

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