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40 Year Old MD Disabled Sri Lankan Seeks Government Grant Money

by Thilak Wickramanayaka
(Panama, Sri Lanka)

I am 40 years old male. I live in the east of Sri Lanka. I have two sisters and one brother. My father and mother don't do any job.

I had a very beautiful childhood. But Unfortunately I became disabled at the age of 15 because of a disease called muscular dystrophy. This is incurable according to the doctors.

I am unable to walk even stand! In this picture you do not see my real body! My hands and legs are so thin and weak. So I am unable to do any job.

My parents spent all their money on my disease but all their efforts were in vain. Now I have been living with my parents for over 25 years with much difficulty.

We are not a rich family. I have two sisters and one brother who all are married. My father is now old and weak after a severe disease. My brother and sisters also don't have sufficient income to look after us.

So my future is not so clear. My disease is increasing day by day. All these will go from bad to worse after my parents.

In Sri Lanka there must be two disabled persons in one family and the householder must be totally paralyzed to get government grants.

I wrote to "Red Cross" and "US AID" in this area. They told me that they do not help individuals! So I am NOT qualified to get grants here!

That's why I have to ask for your kind help. I would wish merits for him if any kindhearted gentleman or organization could deposit at least $5000 in my bank account so that I can get about $60 interest each month.

It could be a kind of consolation for my parents to look after me. Actually we will never withdraw a single cent from that deposit!

Only we want to get the interest of it. It would be a stable income for my lifetime. Please tell me what to do if you can help me.

Everything I have written here is 100% true by the name of Lord Buddha! (With my simple knowledge of English!)

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